T-Mobile confirms, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S3

by: Robert NelsonNovember 14, 2012

We mentioned that Jelly Bean had begun rolling out for T-Mobile Galaxy S3 users earlier this morning. And well, it looks like those details have since been confirmed by T-Mobile. The carrier has posted the official support page, noting that;

“Beginning November 14, the Samsung Galaxy S III will have an optional software update to Android version 4.1.1/ Baseband version T999UVLJA via Over The Air (OTA) and Samsung Kies.”

The update is, of course, bringing Jelly Bean which means goodies such as Google Now and Project Butter. This update will bring an updated Settings menu and the new Notifications bar as well as improvements with the keyboard and camera. Additionally, T-Mobile users will also see some improvements for Wi-Fi calling.

Bottom line, this is the update that Galaxy S3 users have been waiting for. We now have seen Sprint and T-Mobile offer the update, we only hope the remaining US carriers will follow sooner rather than later. That being said, T-Mobile users now have a 344MB file download ready and waiting and it seems the only real question that remains is whether you want to grab this update over-the-air or using Kies. Of course, if we had to offer a suggestion, we would go over-the-air.

  • Yan Kar

    when the fuck is Att is going to do it?

    • Tell me about it. I had to go with them because t-mo and sprint reception each blow donkeynuts here.

  • Yan Kar

    i am about to change s3 for nexus 4 cause stupid att cant deliver on time

  • Supermans Dad

    FINALLY! Am downloading as we speak :)

  • Supermans Dad

    T-Mo has been good with updates as of late and thats great!

  • I really hope that they have an jellybean update for the s2! Come on t mobile don’t forget about us!

  • carol swift

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  • JLoo

    so happy I got the update for my Galaxy S3 tonight…

  • Patty

    Tmobile baby, got mine today. BAM!