T-Mobile introduces new pricing structure for prepaid mobile broadband plans

by: Shea HarrisMay 20, 2012
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It looks like T-Mobile USA is getting proactive in their attempts to mitigate the quarterly loss of postpaid subscribers. The number four mobile carrier in the nation has announced a new pricing structure for their prepaid mobile broadband service that should give customers a better bang for their buck.

T-Mobile lost 510,000 contract customers last quarter, so finding other ways to stay competitive has become a priority for the company. They gained almost 250,000 prepaid customers and 262,000 mobile-to-mobile customers during the quarter. While promising, it seems they are banking on the new pricing structure to further jumpstart the growth of prepaid customers.

Plan Pricing

T-Mobile’s new prepaid mobile broadband service will start at $15 for use of their HSPA+ network. The new packages look like this:

  • $15 for a 300MB 1-week plan
  • $25 for a 1.5GB 1-month plan
  • $35 for a 3.5GB 1-month plan
  • $50 for a 5GB 1-month plan

The old pricing structure included a $10 per month 100MB plan, a $30 per month 1GB plan, and a  $50 per month 5GB plan.

Prepaid Plan Details

T-Mobile’s prepaid mobile broadband service allows you to pay for rate plans in advance for HSPA+ data access. The new plans will allow for the ability to auto-refill your account if you hit your cap and need more data. What are these plans for? They are intended to be used for devices other than phones, such as tablets, laptops, and mobile hotspots.

Compatible Devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
  • T-Mobile Springboard with Google
  • T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot
  • T-Mobile 4G Hotspot
  • T-Mobile laptop sticks

The new plans will be available on May 20 at T-Mobile retail stores and other dealers.

These new prepaid plans appear to be an intriguing option for anyone doesn’t want to get locked into a contract. Does prepaid mobile data with more pricing options sound interesting? Would it make you consider using T-Mobile for mobile broadband? Let us know what you think.

  • SamsaraGuru

    If I were in the market for new phone and carrier to hook it or a tablet up to I would consider T-Mobile. Why?

    I like the idea of the flexibility GSM gives to move from one carrier to another as well as supposedly being able to take it to Europe – at least that is what I understand is possible. (Please feel free to correct my ignornance if I am in fact wrong!). I also like the fact that I can buy my phone wherever I find the best deal and take it to them. Possibly even bring one from Europe that has specs I prefer over a too domesticated domestic U. S. version.

    I think eventually we are going to see all of the post-pay carriers go belly up. They are trying to flog a dead horse to life with their onerous contractual obligations and universally hated “termination fees”.

    Frankly, only someone who was born yesterday or doesn’t realize that the pricing they set for the phone – without their contract – was inflated to begin with to scare us into taking the lesser of two evils – paying full price or signing a contract and “only” having to pay $200.00 or whatever for a phone that in actually probably cost them only $200.00.

    But, when you are offering what is essentially a bad deal; you have to at least in the beginning make it seem like a good deal – the old “razzle dazzle ’em” effect.

    Personally, I can not think of single viable reason to make oneself a slave working Massa Cell Phone company. Can you, Shea?

  • Dustycrown

    Doesn’t matter what TMobile is charging if the SERVICE DOESN’T WORK. I have TMobile prepaid, call and text service has been down for TWELVE DAYS. Customer service and tech support have no answers–just that it’s a “known issue” with the prepaid accounts. They have no idea when service will be restored. I’ve been told everything from “24 hours” to “72 hours,” but twelve days later, I’m still waiting. Not only do they have my $$, but I’m out the money I paid for a brand-new TMobile prepaid phone.

  • Nest11

    Awesome, Tmobile 4G its really fast and reliable, the best part is that its very affordable!!!

  • Traveller

    Now that t-mob doesn’t let pay as you Ho customers have international service, it looks likely I will be looking for a new phone company. Been with them for years but… I guess it’s over. It’s not clear what advantage they see in dropping that service. I was fine with paying extra.