T-Mobile: Ice Cream Sandwich for HTC Sensation 4G is coming “very soon”

by: Bams SadewoMay 4, 2012

We won’t blame owners of the HTC Sensation 4G – or any other model, for that matter — that get rather testy when it comes to the topic of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. But the tossing and turning in bed waiting for the upgrade might soon be a thing of the past. Although a recent leak about T-Mobile’s planned ICS upgrade schedule indicated that HTC Sensation 4G will only get the latest Android OS in mid-June, it appears the carrier is ready to roll it out faster.

The good news comes from none other than the support forum on T-Mobile’s website. Posted on May 2, the carrier said that they’ve completed the testing process of ICS for HTC Sensation 4G and that they expect to make it available for the phone “very soon”. Although the hows and whens of the upgrading process haven’t been detailed yet by T-Mobile, we won’t be too surprised to see it in the coming days, being the “glass is half-full” bunch that we are.

When it does come to the HTC Sensation 4G, aside from the obvious new ICS experience, you can expect to see a more subdued HTC Sense user interface, much like the upgrade that HTC Vivid 4G on AT&T has received last month, and perhaps the inclusion of Beats Audio enhancement software.

Excited about the arrival of ICS? Do share with the rest of our readers when the update has somehow made it to your beloved HTC Sensation 4G phone.

  • roger

    congratulations to all owners of the htc sensation!…. for me i’m waiting for ics on htc amaze.

  • Mattmaier86

    Cant wait any day now !

    • I don’t get what T-Mobile thinks “very soon” is… Very soon is usually within the next day or two, not weeks or maybe a month which is common of T-Mobile. They need to give us a concrete date, how come they can’t be upfront with their own customers!? Its upsetting!!

  • Jorge D.

    I’m so happy T-T. This is all I have been thinking about for the past few months! My mom just got the HTC One S and its so beautiful and slim and perfect and I want one so bad but having the ICS will be more than satisfying to have XD yay!!!

  • Garyjeng

    According to my experience with t-mobile, “very soon” means by end of this year…

    My use to own tmobile my touch, I waited for months.. I mean almost half year to get my update..

    Now I have sensation, but didn’t expect the ice cream will be arrived anytime “soon”

  • Startin509

    I received the OTA update and it was early in the morning and on accident I hit the wrong button and now the update is no longer available, I called T=Mobile and they told me to call HTC so I called HTC and one guy was supposably sending to me and we got disconnected and then the next rep said they couldn’t do that type of OTA upgrade and to call T-Mobile.

  • Startin509

    Can some one help asap

  • Guyfll

    Is the update coming out tmrw over tmobile?