T-Mobile getting their groove on with nationwide first HD Voice calling and LTE release in Las Vegas

by: Joe HindyJanuary 9, 2013

T-Mobile is a member of the big four in the United States and this week at CES they showed why they belong there. With other members of the big four struggling with their various tasks, such as Sprint’s horrifyingly slow LTE roll out, T-Mobile came out swinging. They have announced that they will be the first in the nation with nationwide HD Voice calling nationwide. In addition, they have announced that LTE will begin rolling out in a few weeks.

T-Mobile is currently rolling out the HD Voice. So that should be reaching everyone in the near future. HD Voice will increase the quality of audio in phone calls while decreasing the background noise. According to Engadget, some of the supported devices will be the HTC One S, Nokia Astound, and the Samsung Galaxy S III. There are likely more devices as well.

In addition to HD Voice, T-Mobile will also begin their LTE roll out. Unlike some other companies we could mention, T-Mobile seems to have done some work on their LTE network ahead of the launch. At CES 2013, CTO Neville Ray announced that T-Mobile’s LTE roll out will begin in the coming weeks. It’ll start with Las Vegas. By mid 2013, Ray states that it will reach more than 100 million customers. Sprint could learn a lot of these people.

Is T-Mobile stepping it up going to result in more business?

It could very well do just that. HD Voice may not sound like the greatest feature out there, but it is the next evolution of voice services so it’s good to see T-Mobile remaining current. The LTE roll out won’t be as important until they’ve finished and released devices that can use LTE. Currently, the Galaxy Note II is the only T-Mobile phone capable of using LTE and it’ll need a firmware update to use it.

With other carriers upgrading their network, is T-Mobile pulling ahead or merely keeping pace with the competition?

  • jordan

    Dope! I’m excited for this.

  • On a Clear Day

    I will be going with T-Mobile. If there is ONE thing I absolutely, positively hate about cellphones – any cellphone – it is the lousy, almost insufferable voice quality of them that follows one like a shadow does in bright sun. Even when one is in a quiet room the voice quality doesn’t compare to a land line – and no, I am not going to “just get used to it”.

    The first time I saw a demonstration video of HD Voice see link below; I said, I want it; I will have it; somebody in the U. S. has to be smart enough to realize that this is a deal changer. Fortunately, it was T-Mobile, given I’ve been leaning more and more toward them lately and am only waiting until the Galaxy S4 come.

    To see a demonstration of HD Voice see link below:

    Way to go T-Mobile; keep up the good work …”…and they will come.”

    The secret to selling success? GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT; not what some fool at the top of a company says he thinks we should want because they don’t want to innovate and compete.