T-Mobile takes the GoSmart prepaid brand nationwide, unlimited everything for $35

by: ŠtefanFebruary 19, 2013

America’s wireless market is strange. I say this as someone who used to live in America, but now lives in Europe. For reasons I don’t quite understand, you folks in America pay the same amount of money per month if you buy a phone either with a contract or without one. Here in Europe, you can get just about any phone you want for free, but you have to pay more per month. On the flip side, you can pay the full price for you phone upfront, but then you’re left with a drastically cheaper monthly bill. Phone contracts are, in simplest terms, a loan that’s given to you by an operator.

Prepaid is another thing I don’t quite get. America doesn’t really have “prepaid”, at least how I recognize the prepaid business model. In Europe, you put money on a SIM card, and then you use it until it runs out. In America, you pay a bill every month, regardless of your usage. Stop paying your bill and you stop getting service. That’s just strange to me, but whatever, I know I can’t change the way things work over there.

All that background information brings us to today’s news. T-Mobile has just announced that they’re taking their “GoSmart” prepaid brand nationwide. For $30 per month you get unlimited talk and text. Add $5 and you get unlimited EDGE. Add another $10 on top of that ($45 total) and you get unlimited EDGE and 5 GB of 3G data. You have to bring your own phone to their network, of course.

Should you sign up? Ehhh, sorry to say this, but T-Mobile’s network isn’t as good as AT&T’s network. You can get a prepaid SIM that uses AT&T’s network from Straight Talk. They charge the same $45 per month for unlimited everything. I have several friends back home in Texas who swear by the service, so I have no problem recommending it to you guys.

  • Tmobile is 1000 times better here than AT&T. My work phone is AT&T, and I constantly get dropped calls for absolutely no reason. I think network quality is regional.

  • carlisimo

    T-Mobile works better than AT&T in the SF Bay Area. You can use their network with a Straight Talk prepaid plan too, which I think gives you HSPA+.

  • Anthony Clark

    Tried to get the service at launch and it has been a horrible experience. They messed up m number port then told me I would have to buy another sim and pay another 45 plus tax for service because it was my fault they didn’t ask for the correct information needed. Stick with what you have if you want to avoid the headache.

  • Timmy

    I can also confirm Straight Talk is good here in Texas (Austin). I’ve considered switching to the T-Mobile flavor of ST for the HSPA+ but my friends with T-Mobile are not as happy with their service and they’re on the main carrier, not an MVNO. What’s nice is that ST gives you the option of both T-Mobile or AT&T so the other carriers are going to have to up their game if they want to compete.

  • Stefano doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Straight Talk quit selling ATT Sims a while ago. You can find them at Walmart . come still but supply is getting thin

  • If the plans were all about 5 dollars cheaper they might have a winner but this is just me too pricing with straight talk.

  • newsjunkieintl

    You haven’t kept up with American pre-paid, have you? Can’t get the AT&T sims anymore from Straight Talk. They had a falling out. Still find a few on eBay for upwards of $200 — I am not joking — but otherwise have disappeared.