May 1, 2013


 If you are the type of person that likes to snag a ROM as soon as possible and remove the extra bloat, you might be wondering how long it will be before the first ROM finds its way onto Samsung’s latest flagship. For T-Mobile customers, right now.

It’s only been one day since the Galaxy S4 was available online for T-Mobile customers, but that’s not stopping CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik. Earlier today, he took to Google+ with a screenshot showing T-Mobile’s Galaxy S4 running an unofficial CyanogenMod build. This is certainly is an exciting news for T-Mobile users. Too bad the same kind of good news can’t be said for AT&T’s bootloader-locked Galaxy S4.


So what all is and isn’t working? According to Kondik, he just got started on things today, but just about everything works already. Despite what the original screenshot shows, that also includes the radio. There will probably need to be more testing before he releases the build to the public, but it’s still hard not to be awe over how quickly Steve Kondik was able to get CyanogenMod working on the Galaxy S4.

For those considering the Galaxy S4, do you plan to eventually run a custom ROM like CyanogenMod, or would you rather stick with Samsung’s TouchWiz build?

Andrew Grush
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