T-Mobile Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean OTA update now available to download

by: Chris SmithNovember 14, 2012

T-Mobile Galaxy S3 owners, we have good news for you today. After so many leaks, it looks like the official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update you have been waiting for so long is finally available to download over-the-air (OTA), although you should be able to upgrade your phone’s firmware via KIES as well.

As you can see in these images, we’re looking at a 334.19MB download for the SGH-T999 Galaxy S3 version, with the update expected to take around 10 minutes to complete. As always, make sure you have a dependable Internet connection and enough battery juice to get you through the process.

In case you were wondering, we’re looking at firmware version J3O03L.T999UVDLJA for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3 version, so go ahead, check your devices to see whether you have received the update notification.

Our tipster says that his Galaxy S3 was updated at 1:00 PST time  today (November 14) and that he updated it by checking for updates on the handset.

Thanks, Kristopher Q!

  • Prodigytech11

    Just sent that tip into Phonedog & T-mo news! I was shocked when I seen the update notification. Also I was shocked that the update was 300+ MegaBytes

    • haider ali

      there are some new stuff in the update. like in the camera “low light” mode and also the note2 feature “smart rotation”. btw love the update its really good. also i got 5100 on the quadrant before i was getting 4800

  • haider ali

    just got mine…… but it changed the binaries to a custom one’s, they aren’t the stock samsung if you check in the odin. so, can’t check the update

  • nothatsnotme

    doubt the got it thru the handset stuff – tmobile removes the option for this so you can’t ask – it has to be done online thru Kies & there’s no offer of an upgrade there!

    • i got mine OTA and not skies

    • Jose Hernandez

      That is not correct, I just went to my phone under settings, software updates, clicked on it to check and got the update downloaded and installed. T-Mobile did not remove this feature.

  • aCe manayan

    will i also receive a notif if am living in a different country..i bought a unlock version of s3 in tmo..until now i dont hve any notif..is there any manual update for this??

  • Up and running 4.1, runs very smoothly… Had to use Kies, though, OTA didn’t find the update. Perhaps because it JUST rolled out?