T-Mobile Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and other Android handsets to see major price drops

by: Chris SmithNovember 7, 2012


It’s not Black Friday yet but we have already looked at various leaked Black Friday ads that include plenty of Android offerings, whether smartphones, tablets or accessories.

In case what we’ve shown you so far has not piqued your interest, then you should check out T-Mobile in the coming days. According to a “trustworthy source” of Brief Mobile, the mobile operator is getting ready to slash the prices on various of its top Android handsets as follows:

  • HTC One S: Will drop from $149.99 to $99
  • LG Optimus L9: Will drop from $79.99 to $49.99 for new customers and fall to $29.99 for upgrades
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II: Will drop from $369.99 to $249.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S Blaze: Will drop from $99.99 to $49.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S II: Will drop from $149.99 to $79.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: Will drop from $279.99 to $129.99

In addition to the smartphones above, other devices are also reportedly getting cheaper prices. The list includes the Galaxy Exhibit 4G, Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S Relay, T-Mobile myTouch T-Mobile myTouch Q or the Samsugn Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

[nggallery id=46]

According to these leaked images, the price change is effective November 7, so make sure you check with your local T-Mobile shop before buying your next handset, maybe you’re entitled to some extra savings.

  • olbp

    Glad to see that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be reduced. That is about where it SHOULD have been in the first place!

  • FaSSt2001

    If I’m not mistaken, it looks like this price drops are only for the Value Plan. It looks as if the Note II will still be $369.99 before rebate on the Classic plans. If that’s the case, then the Note II price isn’t really changing. Yesterday, T-Mobile bumped the full retail price of the Note II up $50 to $699 making the down payment now $299 with a $50 MIR available to take it down to $249. A little deceiving on their part I think. The other phones look like they are dropping considerably for the Value Plans though. As far as I can tell from the pictures, Classic Plan pricing is remaining the same. Am I seeing that right? I thought I’d point that out as it seems a little confusing as to what the prices are targeting.

    • Lies

      The prices are barely dropping at all. That price for the value plans is a down payment and then you pay around $20 a month for 20 months (that’s $400) so add that into your down payment price and subtract the rebate. It’s really stupid because you still end up paying waaaay more than if you went to like a Target store