T-Mobile Galaxy Note support documents spotted on carrier’s website

by: Chris SmithJuly 11, 2012
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The Samsung Galaxy Note is still an AT&T exclusive in the U.S. but that’s about to change soon as we keep getting more and more reports detailing T-Mobile’s own Galaxy Note launch plans.

Sure, the Galax Note 2 is supposedly launching this summer at IFA 2012, and customers interested in getting a phablet should rather wait for that model to become official, but that won’t stop T-Mobile from unveiling its own Galaxy Note flavor.

Speaking of officially announcing the device, the carrier is yet to produce an official press release, but considering that Galaxy Note support documents have already been spotted on T-Mobile’s website, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the device hit stores in the very near future. Among the rumored release dates we have July 11 and August 8 in our calendars so far, with a recent report suggesting that T-Mo has postponed the phablet’s release to August.

According to TmoNews, multiple links pointing to Galaxy Note documents have appeared on the carrier’s support site – see image above – but they can’t be accessed at this time, as they require login credentials.

We’ll be back with more details about T-Mobile Galaxy Note availability and pricing in the following days/weeks – it can’t be long now. Anyone excited?

  • Manjunath

    I wanted to understand, if I get a unlocked Galaxy Note in US, is it still NOT going to support T-Mobile 3G and 4G?
    I had been reading in a lot of links that Galaxy note works just for AT&T 3G and $G networks and not for T-Mobile. Please guide me as I was planning to buy the same this week end.
    Thanks in advance.. :)

  • you can get it unlocked and then rooted for tmobile. i am running 2 notes on their 4G speed. now keep in mind you won’t get their 42MBPS but we get 3-5