T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update rolling out, report says

by: Chris SmithDecember 9, 2013

Galaxy Note 2

While Android 4.4.1 KitKat may be the hottest Android OS version in town, some Android devices are yet to run the latest Jelly Bean version.

Such is the case of the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 (SCH-T889), which is apparently receiving its own Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update right now – according to the following screenshot, the update has baseband version T889UVUCMK7.

TMoNews reports that various Galaxy Note 2 owners have sent in messages that the Android 4.3 update is ready to be downloaded. However, we’ll note that T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2 support sections do not mention the update yet (see Source link below).

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2

The update should be available either over the air (OTA) or via Kies, which is how previous updates were also available. In case you haven’t received an update notification, you can manually check for it on the handset.

Only recently, the Sprint Galaxy Note 2 received its Android 4.3 build as well. The new software brings Galaxy Gear support, TRIM support and Samsung KNOX support on top of regular Android 4.3 Jelly Bean features.

Have you received the update on your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 yet?

  • Brendan Higgins

    This is the last time I am buying a Samsung, just because of this. It is honestly unbelievable how long you have to wait for an update, I’m going for a stock android type phone next.

    • Beyar Asketchian

      You are soooo right !

    • Paul

      There are quite a few tradeoffs for going stock. The problem with stock android is that they’re phasing out removable battery and sd card slot. Say goodbye to the giant 9300 mah battery that lasts 5 days and hello to portable battery banks. But on the other hand it is more efficient and faster without the bloatware. Personally, I would love the freedom of choice instead of being locked to a configuration.

      • Brendan Higgins

        See thats why I would love the S4 Google play edition, but it’s like $600. I’m not paying that for a no contract phone on Google play.

  • Luis

    Received the update this morning in Miami. Downloaded and to my dismay gives an error. Had to factory reset and unable to update. Continues to give me an error neven via Kies and it got worst. Any solutions?

  • Ray

    I got it but it seems so watered down in comparison to what I’ve seen on YouTube from other note2 4.3 versions.

    • smackyobitchass

      So true though I was expecting much more..

  • Lavante

    I’m with T mobile and I just got my update for my note 2 yeeesssss!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    I dunno if I even want this update on my Verizon note 2 after all the bugs that people have been reporting from other Samsung galaxy devices that have received the 4.3 update recently

  • AbbyZFresh

    Don’t care. Moto X with KitKat is arriving tomorrow at my doorstep.

    • smackyobitchass

      So what’s the purpose of this comment?? Too brag about YOUR DEVICE??.smh

  • shawn

    Just updated mine in St Pete fl. Runs real smooth. Only took an hour to install. And seems very stable

  • ugnufas

    I cant seem to get my update to note 2 lte unlocked.. AA can u help me..?

  • trevor

    does anyone at AA know when 4.3 for note 2 will roll out in the UK ? on o2 ?

  • smackyobitchass

    So far the update has been very smooth on the t mobile version..no complaints as of yet…

  • Alok Aryan

    Hi All,

    Is it possible to update Samsung Note 2 to Android 4.4 from 4.3, If possible then kindly let me know the process for same.

    Alok Aryan.

  • What is different between T mobile and AT&T ?