Watch T-Mobile’s best Jump commercials here

July 11, 2013
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    t mobile jump commercial

    T-Mobile announced their “boldest move yet” yesterday. Dubbing the program “JUMP!”, T-Mobile is furthering their uncarrier plans by allowing customers to upgrade their device twice a year. Frankly, it’s an awesome way to attract customers, and it’s something that’s never been done before among the big four.

    Of course, they’re going to need to market this new program to really get the word out there, and they’re doing just that. T-Mobile will be airing a few ad-spots, that are perhaps their best ads yet. You can check all four of them out below:


    • Diversified Union

      They are very clever if nothing else haha I personally like T-mobile’s approach to marketing even though i’m not necessarily persuaded to switch to them

    • David Amidon

      pretty dang funny. There Frankenstein commercial makes me laugh as well.

    • S.L Jones

      If there service was better in the Philadelphia area I would definitely switch, as I am currently coming off of my 2 yr contract with at&t…at&t has great coverage in this area, though its doubtful I join with them for another 2 yrs as i own a nexus 4 and don’t need to be on a 2 yr contract anymore, though if at&t acquires the honami, i might have to think twice, on top of also buying the next nexus…i am a mobile junkie

      • fresh_TD

        just got with at&t pre-paid option or like I have Straight Talk at&t, not sure if StraighTalk still offers at&t sims though

        • S.L Jones

          What is the data procedure on at&t’s pre-paid option, cuz I hate the 2GB limit, $10 per gig over process they got now, that’s main reason I wanna switch

          • fresh_TD

            I’m not sure about that.. I’m sure on their website you can find out…Ive been with ST for sometime now and love it, you can’t beat $45 a/mo