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When T-Mobile announces their Q2 results at the end of the month, analysts expect T-Mobile to continue being the “fastest-growing wireless company in the U.S.”

According to TMONews, T-Mobile’s record Q1 results showed 2.4 million net adds between January 1st and the end of March. Therefore, it should not be a surprise to see T-Mobile not replicate that growth again. With 7% service-revenue growth, T-Mobile would continue to keep the title as the fastest-growing wireless company in the country.

Even with Sprint/T-Mobile merger details continuing to be leaked, it is becoming more difficult to argue that T-Mobile by itself is not quickly approaching AT&T and Verizon as a significant third competitor. Granted, I think T-Mobile is already at that point but some continue to believe that merging with Sprint is the only way for T-Mobile to compete long-term with AT&T and Verizon.

  • Oli72

    Let’s go t-mo

  • jawzny

    I recently went abroad andwasamazed by the ease of roaming internationally with T-Mobile. 3G data, text and calls to the US are free, with zero hassle. AT&T and Verizon have a long way to go.

  • Cole Raney

    I honestly hope there isn’t a Sprint and T-Mobile merger. T-mobile could probably do better by itself. Heck, a year after they launched their lte network, it was already bigger than Sprint’s

  • Mikel

    I’m a T-Mobile customer and they still need to build out their network. There are still too many holes and areas where you don’t get service at all and there are still areas where they are still using Edge which is 2g speed. And that’s here in the good ‘ol USA. And merging with Sprint won’t help them with that issues at all.

  • Hiro

    As a T-Mo customer, I’m loving what they’ve done. I switched from AT&T at the beginning of the year, and couldn’t be happier. Their growth, I think, is sustainable. Maybe not at the 2.4M level of Q1, but fast growth none the less.

    They’re also rapidly improving the HSPA+ 3G/4G and LTE coverage, and recently upgraded their already fast LTE in Seattle – I’m getting as high at 90 Mbps and average about 60 Mbps inside my house.