T-Mobile ending corporate discounts plans for new customers, effective immediately

by: Andrew GrushApril 2, 2014


On March 28th T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere announced that in an effort to create fair pricing for all its customers without favoritism, the uncarrier would be ending its employee rate discount plans. Now it looks like T-Mobile is having a slight change of heart.

Although Legere says the company still wishes to end the practice, the uncarrier listened to customer feedback and is making a bit of change. Bottom-line, T-Mobile will continue to offer these Advantage discounts to existing customers that signed up with the program prior to April 1st of this year.

So what about any new customers that work for employers that participate in the Advantage program? T-Mobile will instead offer a $25 reward card each time an employee purchases a new device. While this isn’t nearly as good of deal as a full discount, T-Mobile’s rates are already extremely competitive, so it’s hard to complain too much.

For those wondering why T-Mobile is ending the program in the first place, aside from the pursuit of fair pricing for all customers, Legere says that complicated rate plan discounts and backroom deals with big corporations are unfair and part of what needs changing in the US wireless industry.

What do you think, do you agree that employee discounts are unfair or do you disagree with T-Mobile’s plans to eliminate the discount?

  • paxmos

    This guy is full of crap and talks bs. Offer something that you can handle and stick to. They come up with these plans only to manipulate the market.

  • d

    I use TMo but I work for ATT. Wish I could work for TMo since they are making all the right moves.

    • RKSoni

      Great guy !! so much love with T-Mo… >>>>>>>> telecomvibe(dot)com

  • Paul Allen

    I’m a little confused. Is this aimed at service discounts a business might negotiate for work phones that it issues to employees, or is it aimed at a business trying to help employees score a discount on their personal phone service?

    • paxmos

      John Legere wouldn’t know either.

  • Mystery Man

    huh everyone who signed up before April is grandfathered in.