T-Mobile helps you write your carrier a ‘break-up letter’ with a new Facebook tool

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 9, 2014


Yesterday T-Mobile took the lid off phase 4 of its uncarrier initiative, providing a way for families to leave other networks for T-mobile without having to worry about paying off the early termination fees — as T-Mobile will foot the bill. Being the fun company that T-Mobile is, they not only are unleashing you from AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, they’re also helping you compose a ‘break-up letter’ explaining why you are ready to move on and jump to the uncarrier.

Once you’re done putting together the letter you can send it to your carrier and/or share it directly to your favorite social network. Heck, you can even download the letter and print it off, if you so choose. Of course the tool is really more for fun (and marketing) than anything, but we don’t doubt that there are folks that will end up sending these letters off to their former carriers when they make the jump.

While part of T-Mobile’s recent success is that they’re willing to think outside of the box, there’s also no denying that the uncarrier is a bit of a marketing genius. To give the tool a try for yourself, you’ll want to head on over to their Facebook page. What do you think of T-Mobile’s recent uncarrier strategy? Are you a fan or not?

  • Thomas

    As I just told my wife: I wish I was American, just so that I could join T-Mobile. I really hope we get a similar company in Quebec soon, right now there’s absolutely nothing that doesn’t completely screws us over up here (in terms of mobile service providers). Even the rest of Canada has good-ish alternatives.

    • Timmy

      Most people want to be American so they can participate in our efficient democratic polictical process or enjoy our fine selection of beer and wines. Although, phone carriers are probably in the top 5. :-)

  • MasterMuffin

    Burn Verizon burn!

  • 280zx

    To bad you only save money on T-Mobile if you stay away from the nicer phones. Or buy them out right. Otherwise there isn’t really any benefit since what you pay monthly can be the same as the other carrier’s contracts if you do their finance option, sometimes more depending on the phone you get. In fact I know people who switched away from T-Mobile because of their uncarrier strategy.

    • Mitchman

      I thought with a 2 year contract you are actually paying more because after the phone subsidy is paid back your monthly bill never decreases – so you keep paying on a device that is already paid off – extra revenue for the carrier. ?

      • M42

        If you buy a bottom of the line cheap phone, then yes. But if you buy a top of the line expensive phone then you end up getting a deal.

        • Greg Trent

          Hey heads up, every carrier is ditching contracts soon…so obviously they are not the better deal.

    • Greg Trent

      Even though it may be $5-10 cheaper with t mobile, look at what they give you for what your already used to paying. No contract, 2 upgrades a year when you want, and truely unlimited 4g LTE. I would pay $5-10 more for those features.

  • Phil Rigby

    If they had good coverage in the Omaha / Mid-West region, I’d be back to them without hesitation. Their customer service is awesome, in my experiences anyway.

    • M42

      You obviously never actually used their customer service which is based in Mumbai.

      • Phil Rigby

        Last time I used T-Mobile – 2010 – their customer service were Americans, based in America. So don’t tell me what I have or haven’t done.

      • Timmy

        Their customer service can be based on the moon for all I care as long as they help me when I have a question or a problem which they’ve always done. Fortunately, I’ve not had to use them but twice since they have great products and offer a great service (at least in my part of the world).
        Maybe if I lived in Mumbai I could walk into a T-Mobile store, oh wait, I can do that now…in America.

      • Greg Trent

        Its actually mostly all US. Only select departments or off hours are when you sometimes get someone in the middle east somewhere.

    • Andrew Grush

      Yah, I’m in the same Omaha/Lincoln general area…. I’m using AIO Wireless but would give T-mobile a go if their coverage was any good around here.

      • Phil Rigby

        How’s AIO? I was thinking about US Cellular but their fees are ridiculous. I refuse to give Verizon money. I’m with Sprint, really like them, but I lose coverage too much just by going in a building.

        • Andrew Grush

          AIO isn’t half-bad, get pretty good coverage in the smaller town I live in, and excellent coverage in Council Bluffs, Omaha and Lincoln. It runs on AT&T, but its cheaper and yet I like it better than my experiences with Straight Talk.

          Yah, I used to have US Cellular — but they are so over-priced. I also used to have Sprint, wasn’t a fan… too many dropped calls and crappy data connections back when I had it.

  • cmbeid

    If only I had this last month when I ditched Verizon for T-Mobile. The Verizon guy sounded sad and offered to “find out of my Nexus 5 would work on Verizon’s network.” He did offer to throw me a party if I returned and said that he would be waiting “with open arms.”

  • M42

    I wrote a similar letter to T-Horrible last year when I left them for far superior coverage at less cost.

    • Timmy

      Superior coverage, probably depending on where you live….less cost? I’d like to see how you can pay less than T-Mobile on a major carrier (not ones like Straight Talk/Net10/etc) for the same service (voice/data/tethering).

      • DominikSzewczyk

        I have a company phone now (AT&T), so I put my wife on T-Mobile because it’s a cheaper deal with a single iPhone and no contract. However, the coverage does suck compared to AT&T unless you live in or very near the city. Customer service, which we experienced with AT&T is way better (business tier). I’m not knocking T-Mobile, but they are a second rate carrier. While I admire their new moves and dedication, they are behind in terms of coverage. As for cost, for two iPhones with 4gb and unlimited blah blah everything else we were paying $140/mo, which is cheap as hell.

  • Oli72

    Great move T-Mobile