Another nail in the coffin: T-Mobile will no longer offer BlackBerry devices

by: Andrew GrushApril 2, 2014

blackberry z10 back aa

After bringing BBM over to Android and iOS, Blackberry is finding a reasonable level of success on the software side of business. Of course, that’s just a small portion of Blackberry’s business, and its the hardware that really counts.

Unfortunately for Blackberry, the company’s BB10 handsets continue to sell relatively poorly in most markets. You think this would mean that Blackberry would be doing whatever it takes to keep offering its devices to any and all carriers that would have it, but you’d be wrong.

Blackberry that decided to cut off one of the four largest carriers in the United States

T-mobile will no longer carry Blackberry handsets after April 25th, as Blackberry has refused to renew T-Mobile’s license to sell their devices. That’s right, it was Blackberry that decided to cut off one of the four largest carriers in the United States.

The reason for ending the relationship? Last month, T-Mobile started a campaign that essentially encouraged Blackberry users to upgrade to the iPhone as opposed to newer BB10 handsets. Blackberry’s CEO John Chen wasn’t too pleased by the promotion and so T-Mobile decided to offer a second promotion that gave customers $200 in credit for trading in their older devices.

While the T-Mobile may have assumed these users would upgrade to newer Blackberry models, reportedly most folks that traded in simply got an Android phone or iPhone instead. Long story short, Blackberry was rather angered by the whole ordeal and decided to cut ties with T-Mobile.

Here’s the statement from Chen about the matter:

BlackBerry has had a positive relationship with T-Mobile for many years. Regretfully, at this time, our strategies are not complementary and we must act in the best interest of our BlackBerry customers. We hope to work with T-Mobile again in the future when our business strategies are aligned.

Honestly, while we can understand why T-Mobile’s promotions would anger Blackberry, it seems a little drastic to cut ties when the company is already struggling as it is. Another nail in the coffin we suppose.

What do you think, should Blackberry have attempted to make up with T-Mobile or do you agree that ending their partnership with T-Mobile was the right move?

  • James

    who cares? DEAD platform

    • Walking Zombie

      Quick somebody call Alicia…Oh wait! :-D

      • neo327

        It took your dumb ass 2 hours to type that on your hoeazz iphone. ,sissy

    • neo327

      You dont know what the hell your talking about,try it first

      • Mark Washington

        I agree. I finally got my hands on a Q10 Sprint and I liked it … Learning curve took awhile but it reminded me of the Palm pre in many ways … And I loved my palm pre so much…they just need Money and a strong backer with deep pockets … Palm needed that too and sold to HP … Now LG but anyways Palm phones disappeared . Let’s see how Blackberry holds up.

  • Richard Borkovec

    BB should have tried to do whatever it took to keep ties with TMo. I can see TMo overtaking Sprint and becoming the third largest carrier in the near future, and for BB to lose that much of a customer base? Crazy.

    BB10 runs Android apps, so the Android base would be settled. Plus BB10 really is a good platform, but it was to little, to late. If BB would have seen what TMo was trying to do, maybe they’d still have a good base to sell to. Like you said, just another nail in the coffin of a dying company.

    • neo327

      Hey man when yout getting disresprected by one of the worst networks,its better to cut them. Loose,

      • Colby Leong

        Even if you’re struggling everyday to make some sort of profit? I get why they got upset at TMo, but it’s not like they get a lot more sales from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint that they can just stop working with the a major carrier.

    • neo327

      What a way to back up yiur boyfriend. Lil mama

    • Colby Leong

      Agreed, especially with the growth that T-Mobile has been doing over this past year. At the same time I can’t help but think that a lot of people at TMo either just don’t care, or are glad they don’t have to worry about BB. I just feel that BB devices don’t stand out from any other. Their keyboards are legendary, but if you took any BB device and ran any OS, such as Android, nothing would set it apart from what’s already being released in the crowded Android space. It’s a shame, because a lot of people prefer iOS and Android over BB’s platform.

      • Richard Borkovec

        I have to agree. I’ve seen their phones in stores, and they look like just about every other phone out there. Slap another OS on it, and it will be any other phone. I think they’re going the way of Sega, where they’re only going to be a software company eventually.

        • Colby Leong

          And it sucks, you hate to ever see a once prominent tech giant fall. I was never a BlackBerry fan but I had at least hoped they fight back. I’m still waiting to see if that true 64 but phone that they were rumored to have is released.

    • chad

      I agree that it sort of leaves the t mo blackberry fans in the dust but as a company you still have to maintain your confidence and dignity. Just because you are struggling doesn’t mean you have to be totally disrespected. If BlackBerry had allowed t mo to continue dissing it would lose money with the carrier anyway. They were pursuading customers to dump their blackberries. C’mon man!

  • Brendon Brown

    Blackberry – Windows phone 8.1 was just made free to use. Take advantage of that.

    • Xtravagansic bear

      I like their build quality , that would look kinda cool with windows phone .. i think

      • neo327

        Try bb10. And you wont want anyyhing else

        • MasterMuffin

          Sure buddy

          • THatch

            Why are you calling others trolls for their negative comments, when you put out ones like this?

            I’m not hating just putting it in perspective.

            I have seen a lot of good comments from you.

        • Except apps there isnt anyone developing for it they had get Android running as a vm to have any apps. And if you have ever used vm you lose alot to the process. Terrible idea on a phone. BB has 1 foot and 4toes in the grave

          • THatch

            You can now side load android apps into bb10. Problem solved.

        • chad

          Its thoughts like this that got them in trouble in the first place. BlackBerry thought their old archaic phones n operating systems were good enough to keep unchanged for a decade. They should be gravitating towards abandoning the uninteresting styles of BB10 and aligning with the successes of Android or Windows.

    • KK

      Actually they’re slowly migrating to Android because the newest version of BBOS actually contains a full version of Android.

      • neo327

        Hahaha. Your never funny

      • Brendon Brown

        Yes but would you rather have a Samsung or any major Android OEM or a Blackberry ? They need to keep their exclusiveness (even if they arent really being exclusive) because lets face it. They will get overshined by any competitors, especially in the aggressive Android market.

        • Shark Bait

          Android would be a good choice for them, they could customise it for businesses and lock it down tight for government contracts.

          But first they need to pull their heads out their arse and jump ship on their own platform

        • THatch

          If they did go to windows phone 8.1 they could dominate that market. Would you rather have an ugly Nokia Lumia!? I would choose the blackberry.

          Another thought, what if they dual booted windows and bb10, then you could have the best of both worlds.
          Also this would solve the shortage of apps in windows, as you can side load android apps into bb10.

          • Brendon Brown

            You’ll need more ram. Dual booting isn’t exactly our savior yet.

          • gommer strike

            Dual-booting is one thing for PC’s and laptops yes. But for a mobile device? That would definitely complicate things, not to mention how the Vendors would feel about it. Take a look at one of ASUS’s Transformer devices, which allows the user to dual-boot Windows or Android. And know what happened?

            Neither Google nor Microsoft are happy with it. Funny hey, how two enemies found something in common with each other for once. And that is, they BOTH don’t like that particular ASUS machine. So given that, how would MS and Google be OK with a mobile device that’s setup as dual boot? Which OS gets to be the “default” when you power the phone up – Windows or Android? How would storage be handled? And what about support for the device, when the user has an issue?

          • THatch

            I do agree that they would hate it. You would choose which os it boots into. Storage would be used by both, you could have the apps accessible cross os. Although they should just use android, as you can use launchers. Good points though!

      • WP

        you idiot they’ll never join cus Samsung HTC Sony LG even people like Alcatal and Xioami is better !

    • neo327

      Doesnt compare to blackberry,and they are just saying no more new devices ,but full support current users, research fitst

    • THatch

      Good idea, but too late, like KK said they are moving to android (not fully of course). You can even side load android apps into BB10. If you like BB phones, it might not be a bad choice, now that there are apps.

  • endy

    lol. LOL. This is hysterical! BB is dead, DEAD. BB10 is nice, but BB is dead. AND they are pulling this BS? These guys have their heads up their asses. Never thought it would be so amusing to watch a company collapse.

    • harry

      Hey we as a company have 30- z30 s and they all love em

    • Colby Leong

      BlackBerry survives off of government contracts, contracts that don’t even give them enough money to survive. I was, and still am looking for BB to make a comeback, or show something. I mean just look at HTC and Sony, both had a failing mobile business which they have managed to slowly turn around

    • Shark Bait

      I can’t believe its taking so long ……..
      Billion dollar losses should signal your doing something very wrong and should have tried something different a very long time ago

      • Michael Samsara

        You would think huh?

  • ShotEm

    Not quite accurate reporting, When T Mobile offered the new BB deal, it was a fake deal as they did not stock any of the BB phones and refused to order them, several people I know tried and none of them were able to upgrade to a newer BB that is why BB has called them out

    • robi

      So bb is no going to work in any country any more

    • Tuấn Ankh

      Exactly! That deal was definitely not cool to Blackberry. Anyway, Blackberry Z10 and Q10 cost so much less elsewhere comparing to T-mobile website. Ebay had the new Z10 for $200. T-mobile sold it for over $400.
      I enjoyed that promotion though. xD

  • michael urie

    I think that was the idiotic move for blackberry because I plainly agree that they already are struggling with business

  • KingEZ4ever

    Blackberry has been dead why is everyone backing up a company that clearly has been failing for a while now who cares if it’s software is good it is still failing and no matter how much Blackberry fan boy’s try to backup blackberry numbers don’t lie it will be bought out and no longer exist as a company who sells hardware only thing useful about blackberry is it’s patents so hopefully they do tank so someone can take over those and put them to good use and I used to work for Verizon HQ and I learned everthing about the blackberry and BB10 was not impressed at all it’s too late they need to just give up because this really messes everything up I understand why they cut ties but T-Mobile doesn’t lose anything Blackberry are just hurting themselves so they basically shot themselves in the foot but hey not my company I could care less if they tank won’t stop me from using my Android but by numbers T-Mobile could pass up Sprint since they are the only company who has postive gains in customers unlike the other companies so for everyone saying it was a good idea must not look at numbers but sometimes you just have to not let your pride get in the way and definitely Blackberry let their pride get in the way with this decision because like I said T-Mobile doesn’t lose in this case if anything it helps T-Mobile from having to buy useless phone’s that don’t sell and just sit onthe shelf

  • Dave

    Blackberry: Damn you guys make a lot of stupid decisions

  • Helixone

    1) Cut off nose
    2) Spite face

  • smokebomb

    Blackberry bites the hand that fed them. When your company is struggling, you don’t throw a hissy fit to prove a point.

  • Luka Mlinar

    It’s like watching an animal slowly die. If they started using Android they would be making money over night. The brand still has a fan base.

  • rose

    Just wait for the BB Z50. Surely, T-Mobile will beg Mr. Chen to renew their ties once more. Pity

  • ljg500

    This “cutting” off of T-Mobile- and the arrogance it demonstrates is one of the key reasons BB is a failure in the consumer and business marketplace. A good company would focus on innovation and delighting customers, not punishing a reseller that stresses customer choice.

  • Phil Rigby

    BlackBerry – kill it. Kill it with fire.

  • Yay for T-Mobile, another reason why I love you.

  • Wedabus

    Basically, Blackberry is really on the edge here. the BB10 is a nice phone but with the poor sales it has, i’m afraid(not really) that BB is going to have to go.

  • xBURK

    Mr. Chen did the right thing here. You can’t just sit back and let a carrier help worsen your reputation. BlackBerry gets enough of that from the press. I truly believe BlackBerry is on the right path. Hopefully in a years time, T-Mobile will have a new CEO and BlackBerry will have their comeback objectives complete. Q the laughter, but believe in BB10.

  • gommer strike

    Some sales is better than zero sales, especially when things aren’t exactly awesome for BB. So they’re gonna revive the good ol’ days of the classic best-selling BB handhelds, marketed towards other countries, which is an OK strategy. I wouldn’t have taken that whole TMobile thing so personally though. Even Apple’s been through some rough patches back in the 1990’s…maybe Chen should just see things that way…TMobile wasn’t out to spite anyone. They’re simply being aggressive with courting customers and trying to think one step ahead and give existing BB users a choice to upgrade(if they want to).