T-Mobile announcing more apps to be exempt from data caps

by: William Neilson JrJune 26, 2014

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Several days ago, we reported that T-Mobile was allowing data from select music streaming sites to be exempt from customers data caps. Now, T-Mobile is exempting data generated from select network speed-testing apps.

In a statement provided to FierceWireless today, T-Mobile stated:

“The Ookla Speedtest.net application is designed to measure true network speed–not show that a customer has exceeded their high-speed data bucket. Other speed test providers are also whitelisted.”

Basically, T-Mobile wants customers to know their network speeds without effecting their monthly data allotments. T-Mobile continues telling those worried about net neutrality violations that they are not accepting payments of any kind from the exempt sites/programs.

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According to TMONews, this exemption started last week.

  • Peerpressure

    Awesome! I love checking my speed, but hate that 30+ MB hit to my data each time I run the app.

  • Moose

    Google Play Music and Play Store next please and thank you.

  • csharpner

    “Basically, T-Mobile wants customers to know their network speeds with effecting their monthly data allotments”

    You mean “withOUT” I hope!

  • abqnm

    Ookla, as well as RootMetrics speed tests have been whitelisted for some time. I switched to T-Mobile in March and they have never counted. My data usage is always way more in the Android data usage tool than I actually use according to T-Mobile because of this reason.

    • Julian Andres Klode

      Why do you do so many speed tests?

      • abqnm

        I have only had the service for 3 months so I tend to speedtest when I am in a new area just so I can have an idea of performance around the city. I haven’t done as much in the last month but I still do on occasion.

      • Say What?

        Nerd, Possibly? LOL

  • cizzlen

    Wow. So…cool

  • Cal Waldie

    Those are some low speeds on that screenshot…like rural China speeds!

  • Say What?

    T-Mobile is the becoming the benchmark for American Cell Carriers. There needs to be more companies like them not looking to pinch every penny out of us.

  • Nobody Special

    A T-Mobile Article featuring a Verizon advertisement in the the screenshot image. Verizon is so sneaky.