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I’ve been using Swype for so long that it had almost slipped my mind that I was still using a beta version, and that the app wasn’t available on the Google Play Store. The good news, if you’re someone who doesn’t trust third-party sources for apps (which is the way it should be) and as a result, haven’t used Swype yet, is that the once revolutionary keyboard is finally available for download from the Play Store, for just $0.99!

Swype was a one-of-a-kind keyboard when it first burst onto the scene, but the business model the company followed of tying up device manufacturers meant that end users didn’t have access to it, unless you bought that particular device, which at the time was the Samsung Galaxy S. Since being bought by Nuance Communications, the strategy has obviously changed, and after a long time in beta, the Swype keyboard is finally available to users directly from the Play Store.

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Granted, there are numerous slide and swipe keyboards currently available such as TouchPal, SlideIT, SwiftKey, and more, as well as being a feature of the stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean keyboard. So what does Swype offer that will make it stand out from the competition? Let’s take a look at some of the features –

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  • Swype Living Language – crowd-sources and updates your dictionary with the latest trending words. This feature will also further localize your dictionary with an additional dialect supplement for your preferred language.
  • Next Word Prediction – Swype claims that the next word prediction is so intelligent, “it can (almost) read your mind.” The powerful personal language model trains your device to learn your unique vocabulary and predict your words based on previous usage. Swype also features an extensive phrase and sentence prediction model.
  • Personal Dictionary and Backup Sync – allows you to use the complete extent of all the word prediction features and more across all your devices.
  • Dragon Dictation’s world renowned voice recognition lets you go hands free with a quick and accurate voice to text system, and is available in 36 languages.
  • Smart Editor analyzes a complete sentence and flags potential errors, allowing for a quick fix.
  • Unique tablet keyboard layouts include the original Swype keyboard, a small and moveable keyboard, and a split keyboard for easy tablet input, which means a single purchase is enough for both smartphones and tablets.
  • Swype supports 60 downloadable languages and 20 dialects.
  • A wide variety of themes are available to choose from, allowing you to personalize the keyboard to the way you like.
  • Gestures include fast shortcuts for everyday tasks like capitalization, punctuation, and text editing.


Check out the video of the Swype keyboard in action here –

You can download Swype from the Google Play Store for just $0.99 here, but if you’d like to take it for a spin first, you can find the 30-day trial app here.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried out the Swype keyboard yet? What do you think of the features and how it fares against the competition? Let us know in the comments section below.


Ankit Banerjee
My primary profession lies in the Network Design Engineering field. I have always been passionate about the latest trends in mobile communication advances around the world.
  • Alex Thomason

    “I’ve been using Swype for so long that it had almost slipped my mind that I was still using a beta version”

    ^^ This basically! Love Swype, glad it’s out there properly now.

  • vampyren

    One reason why I moved to android. Swypekey is awesome.

  • freedomspopular

    Some others may have jumped on the “swipe” bandwagon, but I gotta say, Swype is still the best at it.

  • Joshhud

    SSOOO can i have these updated features on my Note 2 Swype keyboard?

    • sam

      i beleive note 2 uses an older version of swiftkey for its prediction and swyping i could be wrong though, maybe it just uses it for its prediction and swype for the swyping

      • Joshhud

        Some have swype, some have swiftkey. Depends on the carrier I think.

  • Noah

    Great news!

    Have you seen this though?

    “You understand that through your use of the Software and the Service you consent to the collection and use as set forth herein of Speech Data and Licensing Data, including the transfer of both to the United States and/or other countries for storage, processing and use by Nuance and third party partners.”

    And from there (3rd party partners? Who exactly??), and the Nuance terms, it’s obvious they can do *anything* with the data they collect when you’re typing. That is a creepy beast that wasn’t in the beta. Personally I’ll stay away from the “Backup & Sync”, and the “Contribute usage data” features!

    • rajasa

      I think they need that permission so that they can collect trend data to make their prediction smarter.

      • Noah

        Yes, I suppose so. But the “3rd parties” is a strange bit if nothing else. Also there is no guarantee this data is only used in their Nuance engine.

        Sometimes it’s getting difficult these days to guarantee privacy, the technology can’t really be as efficient or user-friendly without interacting with private data… tough one.

  • APai

    grab it when it’s on sale. better than swift key, or stock android. well worth it!