Those using the Swype Beta keyboard app may want to download this latest release as it brings a few new features. And for those yet to use the keyboard, now seems like as good a time as any to check it out. This update brings four new features and also reminds us of one disappointing fact.

Beginning first with the good — the new features. This latest update brings trending words, keyboard themes, a split keyboard for tablets and personal dictionary backup and sync.

Breaking each of these down a bit further, lets start off with the trending words. This is opt-in and means you can have your dictionary stay up with new and trending words such as “Gangnam.” Moving on, the keyboard now has a total of ten themes. These can be changed using the Swype settings menu. Next up, the split keyboard for tablets. This one sort of speaks for itself, however it was noted as being a “split keyboard for more ergonomical tapping.” Lastly, the personal dictionary backup and sync. Just as it implies, you can backup and sync your personal dictionary. This may be the nicest of the bunch and should be especially nice for those who frequently swap ROMs or devices.

Finally, the disappointment, Swype is not yet available in Google Play. Granted, it is not hard to download and install (the folks at Swype offer wonderful step-by-step directions), however we long for the day when these updates can simply be another tap in Google Play.

Robert Nelson
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  • Ler

    And, finally, new and easy way to change typing language by sliding from swype key to spacebar.

  • DeadSOL

    Just installed it. They are missing out on one exclusive feature; the Swype key should be used to select an entire word (it does do this sometimes but doesn’t do it half the time). It would be great for replacing words that you didn’t intend on writing.

    • Faketuan

      Works perfectly for me!

  • Matt

    Tried it but I still can’t get on with the tracing. Sticking with the predictors (currently flipping between SwiftKey and Magic Keyboard)

  • Swype is always a better option compared to any other keyboard, it needs to gain more popularity as all users are snatched by SlideIT which is paid. I am glad Samsung made it pre-installed on my Galaxy otherwise I had no chance of getting familiar it.