Swype Beta Living, learning keyboard capable of 4 text input modes

by: Paul NuñalJuly 3, 2012
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Swype is back with a vengeance and this time around, it certainly means business. The new Swype Beta has just been released to the public and if you’re one of the lucky few who have tried the past versions, then the improved version will definitely blow you away.

For those of you who have never tried it yet, Swype is an innovative custom Android keyboard developed by Nuance Communications. Since its debut, Swype has been reaping positive vibes from many Android users praising its simplicity and innovative way of “typing” on the keyboard. With every update, Swype is continuously improved with the promise of customer satisfaction. If you feel tired of the traditional method of tapping your phone to input letters, then Swype will definitely change the way you operate your keyboard.

The latest version of Swype, dubbed as the “Living Keyboard,” is a brand new beta version that features a more polished and sleek user interface and a smarter algorithm in analyzing key strokes. The text input capabilities of Swype have been enhanced to the extent that the developers want Swype to be the chosen keyboard replacement.

The new update includes a whole variety of features that have been addressed in the past version. For instance, Swype is now able to predict the next word, thanks to the company’s intelligent XT9 technology embedded in the application.

Furthermore, users have control over their custom dictionary, which Swype relies on as its database of words. Not only that, Swype has upgraded its international language to support up to 55 different global languages. These can all be downloaded using Swype’s online service.

Swype’s keyboard has also been tweaked to make the keys appear more spacious for users who have fat fingers. To save even more space, the language toggle has been mashed with the spacebar key and the Dragon Dictation segment was totally changed to include a visualizer to let Swype know that you’ve finished chatting.

The four-way text inputs of Swype are composed of the following: Swyping, Tapping, Speaking, and Writing. These four modes can be used depending on the users’ preferences, so if they are still not completely sold on the idea of swiping their fingers over the keyboard, they can easily revert to the traditional keyboard tapping method.

Writing, on the other hand, lets you scribble or draw (i.e., write) words, which Swype will automatically convert into text. And, lastly the Speaking method, from the name itself, is a speech recognition engine which allows you to say the words and Swpye will automatically convert them into text.

Another feature of Swype is Swype Connect which lets users connect to their Facebook, Twitter, and mail accounts with the application’s word database, so whenever you use these social-networking sites, Swype will automatically learn some new words that you have been using and add them to its database.

The new Swype beta is currently in its early stages of development and is not available on the Google Play Store for download. However, the developers themselves were kind enough to let users download the Swype Beta keyboard from their website.  If you were a Swype user before, you can check out the new version by registering for the beta found on the Swype website.

  • Awesome

  • rvichar

    This looks really good as I was disappointed with the latest launch of SwiftKey 3 and the fact that it has broken many things that worked well in version 2 despite the one feature I wanted….a larger spacebar…..

  • It has both swyping and predictive features, which is awesome. But, if you have a phone with low internal memory, be prepared to face some installation problems. You need at least 35 to 40 mega bytes of memory space at the time of installation. Even after installation, it eats up around 15+mb of precious phone memory. Hope things get better after the beta graduates to the stable builds.

  • bikrgran

    I just got my Galaxy S3 with what I thought was Swype. It really stinks. It types alright, but the the predictive part is a nightmare, and you have predictive swype, or TYPE, no in between. Tell me that this Beta Swype is something different and better than what’s on the S3.

  • Sudeep

    Thank you. Samsung makes excellent phones, but their keyboard should, frankly, be outlawed. You have saved my S3 from a gruesome death by stomping.

  • JLE

    I received an update today, Jan. 7, 2013, that brought add-words-to-the-dictionary feature BACK to Swype Beta. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
    Initially, I had to install Swype Beta on my SGS3 (ICS) because it wasn’t included. An
    inferior “Swipe” was given with a horrible keyboard.
    I was used to Swype from the myTouch Slide 3G, myTouch 4G, & SGS2.
    I thought ALL Androidphones came with Swype. But I downloaded Swype Beta and was happy until my upgrade to Jelly Bean STOPPED allowing the addition of words to the dictionary AND I noticed that my personal dictionary had been DELETED!!!
    The Jelly Bean update allows Swype Beta the option of changing a word to all lower case, all UPPER CASE, or First Letter Capitalization after it has been Swyped.
    I did & still do like this feature very much, but would have done without it in
    exchange for being able to add words to the dictionary.