Every time a new version of the iPhone hits the market we get a slew of articles from tech writers explaining why they are switching to Apple’s latest wonderphone and leaving the fractured hell that is Android behind. Obviously this kind of article is classic clickbait and fair enough, writers want people to read their articles and it’s their job to deliver eyeballs. The fact that most of them are full of fatuous reasoning and lack any real substance is what tends to aggravate the reading public.

Expressing an opinion in either direction, especially as a tech writer, leaves you open to claims of fanboyism. The trouble is, whatever reasons you present, it all comes down to personal opinion. Saying that you’re choosing the new iPhone because you prefer it is fine, explaining what it is that you like about Apple’s products or services helps to justify your choice, but don’t roll out the same old tired, and sometimes invalid, criticisms of the Android platform, it just gets boring.

Let’s take a look at the top Android complaints and exaggerations and see if they hold water.

Android is fragmented

Early on in the Android platform’s life it developed an irritating condition. Fragmentation has been the most consistent complaint thrown at Android. It is a valid concern if you’re a developer. Anyone creating apps or games for Android has to cater for a variety of screen sizes, resolutions, processors, and a lack of optimization for a specific set of specs can result in bugs and/or poor performance, including serious battery drain. That’s hardware fragmentation and it exists, to some extent, on every platform (even iOS).

Software fragmentation is perceived as a bigger problem for Android. There are various different varieties of the platform out there. To make matters worse manufacturers and carriers can build on the existing platform to include their own extras. The result is that you get a new version of Android rolling out and the carrier sometimes takes forever to actually push it on to customers.

Open Signal

The small proportion of users, who are aware of new Android versions being released and knowledgeable about the features, may get fed up about the lack of an update, but it is invariably the fault of the manufacturer or the carrier rather than the platform itself. Android is open, companies are allowed to build on it; if they do then it can cause delays in new Android versions hitting those devices.

For developers the fragmentation can be off-putting. Developers coming from an iOS background might find it unusual, but anyone who has developed for the Web or produced a PC game will be no stranger to fragmentation. That’s one of the main reasons that patches are so common.

This could be an article all its own but in the interests of moving on from fragmentation let’s concede that it is a problem, but it is seriously overblown by detractors and has little real impact on most end user’s experiences with the platform.  Put it this way – it’s not a very believable reason for someone to switch from Android to iOS.

There’s too much hardware and some of it sucks

One of the secrets to Android’s success is the huge variety in terms of handsets. You can get Android smartphones with all kinds of different spec sheets. Some of the budget devices don’t run as well as an iPhone does. You know what else they don’t do? They don’t require you to take out a second mortgage. If you’re going to compare the platforms then you have to do it with similarly priced hardware to get a fair representation. You cannot complain that a budget Android smartphone costing less than 25 percent of an iPhone’s price tag doesn’t work as well. If it was up to Apple then poor people wouldn’t have phones.

android smartphones

Manufacturers and carriers have to take the blame for flooding the market with a confusing array of devices, but let’s face it, if you can read a spec sheet and hold a phone in your hand then how difficult is it to find one you like?

Android is confusing

Who can forget Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer’s Android criticism? Back in October 2011 he said:

“You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows phone, but I think you do to use an Android phone.”

The idea that Android is difficult to use and conversely that the iPhone “just works” is pure nonsense. Android is very easy to use. It’s perfectly accessible. You know what’s even more ridiculous? The idea that Windows Phone is better than either platform, Ballmer went on to say:

“Both [the iPhone and a Windows Phone handset] are going to feel very good in your hand and both going to look very beautiful physically … but when you grab a Windows phone and use it … your information is front and center … and you don’t have to scroll through seas of icons and blah blah blah. A Windows Phone gets things done.”

I guess that will be why they outsold Android and iOS….oh wait a minute.

Android crashes, lags and freezes all the time

No it doesn’t.

Open vs closed

You can’t get away from this when you compare the Android and iOS platforms. The same things are positive and negatives on both sides.

Android is open so you get the ability to customize and you get a huge range of different devices at different price points. Apple’s iOS is closed so you get one line of phones with no customization at fixed prices and they all work exactly the same way.

It’s tougher to update Android software because of manufacturer and carrier customizations and it’s tougher to develop for a wide range of devices and software versions. There are no customizations to cater for and only one line of devices so it’s easier to develop for iOS.

What about average consumers?

The mass market that makes up the vast majority of the statistics on smartphone penetration does not care about the same things as tech fans. The real reasons people switch are price, advertising, and advice from people they actually know. In broad terms Android and iOS are really similar.

Got any good reasons for switching from Android to the iPhone 5? How about reasons to switch from iOS to Android? Let’s hear them.

Simon Hill
Simon is an experienced tech writer with a background in game development. He writes for various websites and magazines about the world of tech and entertainment. He uses Android every day and is currently permanently attached to his Galaxy Note 5.
  • MasterMuffin

    I see what you did there in the “android is confusing” part :D

  • MasterMuffin

    there are no good reasons to switch to iOs except for stupidness…

  • MasterMuffin

    I like to talk alone in web pages…

  • MasterMuffin


  • These days the iOS fragmentation is a bigger problem than the one in Android.

  • Because it has a lighting adapter!!?? Not

    • Vangocambo


    • Dan

      Meanwhile in Australia…
      Me: I’m lost Siri take me home.
      Siri: “Sorry, I can only look for businesses in the United States, and when you are using U.S English.”
      Me: … Lost

    • cJ biatch

      Isheep is your brain, i dont know why people call iphone users isheep when we all are normal people and this is our choice- yes, iphone! Eat that!

  • …..I want people to like me

  • …..The news tells me it’s the easiest phone to use

  • ….It makes me feel that I’m cool

  • …..Everything Apple makes is the best of whatever it is ever, or so I have been told

  • Android is the best OS I have ever tried. I actually switched from a 4S to an HTC ONE X. iOS will keep expanding, so what… Android had all the features, the only thing he didn’t have is the smoothness and this smoothness can be achieved now with JellyBean and Project Butter. The only thing Android Phones Manufacturers can do is throw anything related to Gingerbread and start making phones with Jellybean. And then, we can kick iOS in the balls…

  • Wes

    Why so many iphone articles?

    • may be this guy getting paid to write :p

    • ferrier3

      because apple invented air…not

  • chris

    Im moving to apple ‘cos the maps are better….

    • Lol.

    • antifan

      yay, spent 700$ for a different app

      • stroboskop

        yay. you so inteligent oO


      me too

      • ferrier3

        sheep number 2

        • MRACHINI

          Dude, I’m Being Sarcastic!!!

    • ferrier3

      you cant be serious?

      • chris

        ofc im not i bleed green!

    • Dan

      LOL that glitchy map that Apple is having issues repairing?

    • Dustin

      Lol thats one hard core iPhone fan out there haha

    • You all don’t smell the sarcasm? Really?

  • Booblicious

    I’d say that anyone that’s above average to tech-fan level of consumer will eventually fall into android’s hands. I used to have an ipad 2 and it was very depressing to see how “enslaved” I was to App store. xda developers are kickass and they help us a lot when it comes to software. Android devices simply alow u to put whatever u want. My biggest issue with iOs was the lack of game emulator (im a huge fan of snes and gameboy series). On the other hands, I wish android devices had the same kind of battery life as the iOs devices.

  • i have an iphone and had enough of being restricted so now just waiting for the amazing NOTE 2 to come out… :)

    • George

      Great man!
      There should me more users to think like you. :)

    • haha same here man switching from the iphone to the exact device the Samsung Galaxy note 2 when its released in Nov. im tired of being restricted to itunes and even jailbroken its never made a big enough difference.

  • mus

    “Android crashes, lags and freezes all the time
    No it doesn’t.”

    Yes it does crash and freeze all the time!

    • But not on the Galaxy S3. No crash/freeze in the first 3 months. Knock-knock. :-)

    • Sorry man, but the HARDWARE crashes. If you got a good phone, you won’t see that happen…

    • intrimazz

      android crashes and freezes only when a device has low memory and nearly full or if the app you’re using is coded poorly

    • JPilgram

      the only other time Android crashes, lags, and freezes is because of annoying Gingerbread

    • hoggleboggle
      • tomo008866

        When an iOS app crashes, it exits straight to the home screen, it never lags. It doesn’t even seem like a crash. The actual OS never crashes, which my Android phones do ALL the time, in comparison to iOS.

    • Scyld

      with some tweak and some good apk to manage CPU and RAM. ur android phone will less crashes, lag and freeze. i guess u face lag and freeze cos u still don’t try using any app to manage CPU and ram

  • Myles Anderson

    …. I am a sheep; baaa

  • TechGuy

    I’m a lemming and will follow others over a cliff edge because I don’t know any better.

  • No way!!!! I’d never switch back to iPhone. Never. Never ever.

  • Exelent article, Simon!
    I fu*%$#@ think so.Android’s flexibility is the REAL advantage nowadays. After that, you can choose the hardware you want. I believe that if iPhone came with Android Icecream Sandwich installed, it would be a great machine.

  • KB26

    Because I can jailbreak it ‘to make it better than android’. >.>

    • On Andriod that’s called “rooting” the phone, and unlike IOS, you won’;t get sued by Apple for doing it.

      • KB26

        It’s called mocking those who defend the iPhone. I tell my friends “you can do so much more with android” then they say “why don’t you just jailbreak it.”

  • StarLine

    IOS is like Mac, while Android is like Unix with more Windows favour.

    I guess a person will want to move to iPhone is because of status reason,
    and want to be in the “in-thing”. The fact is “in-thing” is not only iPhone, but Android too.

  • Arsenio Erguiza

    I won’t switch to iphone ever, give it to me for free and i’ll make it my second phone. My gt 7.0 plus works fine for me. I’d rather get myself a laptop if ever my gt stops working. Reason? “GREED”. they should’ve named it greedifone.

  • timdaman

    i switched to iphone 4s last week because LG is a big Liar when it comes to promising updates to its loyal customers. I had an LG G2x and i still did not get the ICS update although the phone can support it easily.

    • Scyld

      if u in hurry want to taste ICS or JB. there is many custom rom dude @ xda devs to bring ICS or JD to ur phone.


    well i used iPhone since the first original one i was a huge apple fan but never used it without a jailbreak, and still had the iPhone 4s and used to tell people to get iPhone, during this i never used an android device, but one time 3 months ago a friend asked me to buy him a Galaxy Nexus, so i got it and then he asked me to root it, long story short,
    it took only 3 hours of using the Nexus (not joking) to convince me to that i should stop asking my iPhone if it can do some task before doing it, and if it wants to do it, and if it doesn’t want to do it, i should just forget about it, and i should get a Nexus (even if it was too much slower than the 4S especially back then on ICS).

    I didn’t even worry about transferring contacts and other stuff, i did it manually one by one, and i got the nexus after 3 days because the place i get my phones from doesn’t open on weekends, then the next day i gave my 950$ Factory Unlocked 64GB White iPhone 4S to my 9 years old brother.

    I still think that apple has the best device design every time except for the new long abomination they should have kept it same screen as 4S or at least same ratio, it would have been a perfect design.

  • LoGAReTM

    Very true , I just don’t understand the purpose of windows phone , and the new HTC phones powered by windows phone and nokia’s are so damn ugly , Andriod all the way , From some reviews , some people feel that the reviwers are getting paid

  • mux

    i’m switching to iphone, cause it’s similar to Goophone that is not shipped to europe.

  • DroidBricker

    I’m switching because the internets on Apple 5 won’t scam me.

    • Stian French

      I’m switching because if my cats can’t have Apple 5’s then I won’t either…

  • Scyld

    switch to iphone5? my my my… even i got free ip5 i’ll never change my SGS2 to that crap and become iZombie @_@…

  • Superman

    i m moving to apple coz i live in PANGEA

  • cbstryker

    I’m switching to iPhone cause the new iPhone 5 has NFC, a huge 1080p screen, more accurate maps, and can be charged up in 5 seconds by a rainbow.

    • iDropbox20

      I’m switching bec. it has 3D.

      • Guest1123

        I’m switching cuz it gives me massages

  • I currently use the GS3, and its amazing. However, the eco system on my iPhones can’t be topped. While android is nice and solid, iOS feels much smoother. I do not need to switch Because i use both. They both have good and bad.

  • welder663

    I am moving to iphone because I like being a minority.

  • iPreordered the iPhone5. Received it Friday release date. Returned Sunday 2 days later. Was not what I had expected.
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1903164 for full story of why I dropped it for a Galaxy S3.

  • DroidBricker

    I’m switching because the world in Apple 5 maps seems way more more fun than reality!

  • Mad Scorpion

    Android Authority? NO! This site is fucking iOS authority!
    I would never change it my Galaxy S3!


    That’s it!

  • ben

    i would switch to apple just becouse its an awsome company that makes there moneythrough sueing pepole

  • carlisimo

    I’m tempted by the iPhone5, to be honest. I don’t like iOS much, but the hardware is by the far the best you can get in a phone that size. Android OEMs seem to think that those of us who like smaller phones want those phones to be cheaper (and therefore lower spec). Not all of us do. Android is moving away from what I like.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    I want to switch because:
    I hate software I need to customaize and make original so I can be productive
    I love to install extra software on my PC so I can sync my phone.
    I love to buy products from a company who just lie
    I love to to buy products from a company that confuses innovation and resycling
    I hate micro USB
    I hate to get a product worth more than I pay.

  • geonautics

    Android spoils me too much on what I can do and choose what works for me; I can be me, my prerogative.

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    Obviously this kind of article is classic clickbait and fair enough, writers want people to read their articles and it’s their job to deliver eyeballs. The fact that most of them are full of fatuous reasoning and lack any real substance is what tends to aggravate the reading public.”

    At least your honest. I found the article enjoyable, although at first i was like WTF at the title :X hehe…

    anyway you don’t need to do stuff like this. I’m a regular lurker for androidauthority :} i’ll keep reading regardless of the drama :P

    PS: i also run my own blog, so i understand where you are coming from :} although i do mine as a hobby, and don’t get paid for it >_<:

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus but I am also an iPod user who has close to 20,000 songs in iTunes. None of the non-Apple solutions have really hit the mark for me. The closest is Amazon’s 250,000 song cloud but the interface is awful. Uploading and managing is awful. Maybe when dogs and cats sleep peacefully together there will be iTunes for Android.

  • mike

    i want to switch to ip5 for his HUGE screen, compared to my SG3,for the really accurate Maps,for the Huge battery,for the presence of NFC…so many reasons !
    wake up people!

  • i would switch because there are so many popups i my browser saying i have won one, and one thing i love more than popups is getting completly lost.

  • Guest

    iOS authority site..

  • Because:
    My HTC desire died because of to much freedom after 1.5 year of custom ROM flashing and partition profile switching(hboot).(I think I have switched between all available ROMs for the HTC Desire before it died one months ago)
    I always flashed a new ROM because non of them was what I wanted.
    Sure Oxygen was awesome but it sopped to receive updates.
    MIUI was awesome but it stopped to to receive updates. (For Desire)
    I spent most my time on Gingerbread and ICC custom ROMS and always had stability issues.
    I know that if I get an iPhone I will still get updates for it 2 years from now.
    If I get a galaxy S3 I will get jellybean but after that there is nothing promising that I will get Key lime pie.
    When I get an iPhone all apps in the app store will work on it without problem.
    That is maybe the case for galaxy S3. But it’s not guaranteed.

    I’m also tired of all the customization options. It’s great to be able to customize so much but I never was able to get it exactly how I wanted it to be anyway.
    The iPhone isn’t nearly have as much customize options. But still, it’s enough for me and I used MIUI ROM so it reminds a lot of the iOS.
    I never even used widgets after a while because widget made my already crappy battery run out of ´cream´ even faster.

    I’m still thinking of maybe take a S3 though because of the iPhone seems to have a bit of problems(easy scratches and some other minor stuff)

    Though the S3 in my eyes is REALLY big. I can still cancel my order on the iPhone so if anyone after reading this can convince me to get the S3. Please go ahead.

    • Dude

      The s3 is way more functional then the I phone. Try doing email attachments ont the I phone. Doesn’t happen. Try sharing files. Doesn’t happen. Samsung phones might be “plasticy” but they have the best hardware available.. It doesn’t crash and ics and jellybean, are way better than gingerbread. You will not be disappointed with the s3.after a month with an I phone you will be

  • Dude

    Im switching because androids multi email attachments are too confusing and helpful. Attaching things to email is just wrong. Apple all the way!

  • tBs_Battousai

    I’m switching to an iPhone to support Apples underpaid lawyers that have hardly anything to do all day…

  • ok let be serious… im a huge android fan with a GS3 but there are reasons to get an iphone like

    1. every app is optimized for the phone so ur apps look more native on the iphone
    2. it has a really nice design
    3. has a better screen than most phones on the market

  • SanHoseJury

    I am switching to iPhone because it has rounded corners, bounce back and swipe to unlock. If the California jury thinks it is worth a billion dollars I am getting it cheap for a thousand dollars or so iPhone will cost me. Samsung just stole NFC, stay awake, multitasking and a million other features from Apple and I hate them for that.

  • Tom G

    I am moving to Apple iPhone 5 because I am too darn stupid to handle Android OS and all these free apps.

  • rsmith

    Why is this article written in such a mean-spirited and sarcastic tone? These points would be more persuasive — and I’d be more likely to ever return to this site — if the writer were less of a jerk.

    • Christian P

      The article is written well, and fun. Feel sarcastic only to people who are sorry that they spend too much money on the Isheep..

  • Dan

    I’m switching to iPhone coz I’m creative…

    • And I’m switching to an iPhone coz I’m 1.86 tall.

  • i’m switching to i5 because it can make phone calls

  • iBlood

    I am switching to iphone as I love blood on my hand.

  • iBlood

    I am switching to iphone as I am a self-centred guy that love attention.
    Everything must be “i, i, i, i, i, i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,,i,i,i,i,i,i,i,i”

  • trob6969

    I’m switching because iPhones have sooooooo much on-board memory and HUGE HD display!…oh yeah, and I can carry a spare battery for emergency purposes!

  • Jesse Hadley

    I’ll go with android for one reason… Nexus devices. You get the open source platform which is superior while eliminating the fragmentation issue. As long as you have a GSM phone that is. Sorry Verizon!!!

  • jeremy.s

    switched from iphone to samsung galaxy s3 for a week n then went back to my iphone. android is great, but it’s just not for me i guess.

    • Try a nexus. Samsung sucks.

  • I love the “no it doesn’t crash” I haven’t seen an android phone that doesn’t crash all the time. I have had two friends switch to iPhones because they got sick of android crashes.

  • UguysAreSoGay

    Why would anyone buy a note 2? Phones are no longer phones when, they go above 4.5. Yea a stylus, your so cool, way to reinvent dead tech. Why does every droid argument start with,” Its better than IPhone because…..”. Get over your inferiority complex, stop complaining and just enjoy your device. First thing people I know with droids said when I got the i5 was, your phone sucks mine is better. The reason IPhone people don’t say anything is because they tend to be happy with the Phone. Buyers remorse is a bitch.


    I recently bought an iPhone 4s, because I’d never even considered an Android. Having had used it for a month or so, I can plainly see that this thing sucks.

  • Peter

    “Android crashes, lags and freezes all the time

    No it doesn’t.”

    Not all the time, but yeah it does quite often… still better than iOS though.

  • I’m switching to iPhone 5S because it sports a 4.3″ 1080p screen and better then your android phones. iPhone is the king of smartphones!

    Don’t take me serious. I currently own a 3GS and it’s hardware absolutely sucks because it needs jailbreaking, i feel limited with that phone.

  • Balaji

    I am switching because i have MONEY!

  • photohounds

    Bought a note 2 a month back.
    Best device I’ve ever had 1 Palm Treo, 1 iphone, 1 galaxy S.

    Have a look at how this guy uses it, to replace a PC (for the most common tasks), to replace a games console (for some games) and generally does amazing stuff.

    I was was very happy indeed with my new POCKETABLE Galaxy Note 2
    … that was BEFORE I saw these …




    I’m sure my jaw was on the floor after I finished watching them … I doubt I’ll ever challenge the hardware.

  • I currently own Galaxy Note 1. I am switching because my hands need a smaller phone.

    When I bought my note, I bought iPhone 4S as well. I used my iPhone often than my Note. When my iPhone got stolen, that’s the time I started using my note.

    Note is a great device. But i often use my phones while lying down before goin to sleep. I use often my right hand to do the stuff, which mostly I can’t do with my note.

    If i have complaints with my Note, it’s the occasional lag, freeze, and the worst kies software that will brick your device during update. And these are my reasons why I dont choose smaller phones running android.

    I used to be anxious whenever i am not doing any tweaks with my phone. With android’s customizable feature it triggerred and made my anxiety worse. So i think i need to teach myself a lesson to be stuck in an OS that cant be customized in a way.

    For those who wants to switch to android for Note 2, go ahead and you will never regret it! And for those who wants to switch to iOS, better have a hands-on experience with iOS for you to feel the need. As for myself, i just need a smaller phone as my daily activities demand for it.

    By the way, i am just going to get an iPhone 4S since I don’t see any sense getting iPhone 5.

  • Miccael

    Android is open ? Lol wut? If you are hacker and developer you’ll understand that android is not as open as you think, and who cares about NFC anyway? i never use it having S4, no one does!!! I have both s4 and 5S and yes s4 crashes waaaaaay more than iphone