SwiftKey goes free – everything you need to know

by: Joe HindyJune 11, 2014

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards of all time. People have been swearing by its prediction algorithms for years. Over the last year SwiftKey has undergone a lot of changes. They’ve added SwiftKey Flow to the mix, various keyboard styles such as thumbs and compact, and more. Today, they appear to be going even further because Swiftkey is now free. To see the new features, you can either keep reading or click the video above!

At its core, SwiftKey is still the same old SwiftKey with the same awesome prediction, SwiftKey Flow, and other features. Even most of the settings remain the same.The biggest change is their monetization methods. Instead of being a paid app, SwiftKey now gives away the app for free and it now has in app purchases. Wait don’t hit the complaint button yet. The only things in this app that cost money are themes.

Swiftkey is free screenshot 1
Yes, SwiftKey has finally updated their very dusty and musty theme selection to include many, many more themes. Some of them come free and for a limited time you can grab a pack of themes for free to see if you like the new styles but this is how SwiftKey will be making money from now on.

Also included in the update are over 800 emojis as well as settings that allow you to control them. If you long press the enter key you can now directly enter emojis into text messages, emails, status updates, and more. There is quite the selection and, for the most part, they work with other apps.

swiftkey is now free screenshot 2
Lastly, there are a few changes that have been a long time coming. SwiftKey has updated their auto correct algorithms to be smarter with your typing and it also incorporates emoji use so you may start to see the keyboard anticipate your emoji needs. My personal favorite is the addition of a dedicated number row which you can turn on in the settings. To get it, click the button below.
Get it on Google Play

  • namesib

    You will need to use SwiftKey cloud to get access to the new themes though. Pass.

    • Tim

      Why would you NOT be using their cloud service? “I want a keyboard that learns how I use it, and uses this information across all my devices, but I don’t want it to learn how I use it, nor use this information across all my devices…”

      • namesib

        I have one device and I use Titanium Backup for everything when I get a new one.

        • JosephHindy

          Not everyone is a root user…in fact only 10% of users are root users and that’s a very, very generous guess. For most people, SwiftKey Cloud is a much more efficient and simple method that doesn’t involve undertaking phone modifications that people are too lazy to do, not educated enough to do, or otherwise not inclined to do.

  • I didn’t notice the number row, neat! One of my best purchased apps :D

  • MiSter

    Excellent for all those who already spent money for SwiftKey :(

    • Abd

      “Those who previously purchased the keyboard will get premium themes worth $4.99 for free”

      • Mochammad Santaka

        Yeah I noticed I got the premium pack for free. Not sure if it is only for legacy owner or for everyone. Thx for confirming.

      • Alex Ohannes

        And… how? What if I bought this via Amazon’s App Store?

        • According to the email I got, we’ve got to be signed into SwiftKey Cloud…

        • irman

          I installed through Amazon appstore, then unistall that one, reinstall playstore version, and received the premium pack theme.

          • Alex Ohannes

            How would they know that I bought the app on the Amazon App Store? For the sake of my security, I hope that they can’t. Naman Sood’s answer seems a lot more sensible to me.

      • thadjudda1

        Thank You for saying that.. for some strange reason know one seems to understand that or they just stopped reading before they got to that part of what’s New in the Update

    • HaterDude

      shit happens bra

  • mohd sultan

    i know this thing gonna happen!!!!
    thats why i did not buy apps :D

  • Kile

    What of SwiftKey beta? Nothing mentioned and blogs deleted. Can we keep using it? Are we meant to swap to this free version which is essentially the same? Mines worked fine. Hoping my cloud data will carry over if I install the new free version.

    • JosephHindy

      It will you just sign into the regular version. Mine auto-updated to the regular version in the Play Store.

  • arcwindz

    Is it finally a replacement for google keyboards? Onward to Play store!

    • JosephHindy

      Lol Google Keyboard has been playing catch up this keyboard for years. The only difference is SwiftKey is now free. It’s always been more functional than gKeyboard.

      • arcwindz

        That’s the magic word! “Free” not to mention it’s directly available in my country, unlike goole keyboard

  • Kenny Woodard

    This is a win-win for everyone. Super excited to see that SwiftKey is now free for all to use. The built in themes aren’t bad at all so really you don’t have to pay for anything. People who had already bought the app should not be upset at all, SwiftKey was 100% worth the price to begin with, so paying for its services was nothing to be ashamed of.

  • AfrodanJ

    Does anyone else find that when writing in CAPS Swifty loses all ability to predict words?

    • tdurden64111

      Yeah, it does. It treats CAPS’d words as separate words. I like that, though, because generally CAPS’d words are acronyms.

  • Benjamin

    Touchpal and Swiftkey are the two best keyboards that you can find in the Playstore. Been using Touchpal since my first smart phone till now. Will try Swiftkey in a bit.

  • wezi427

    I prefer the Google Keyboard.

    • adamhs

      Google Keyboard is “lighter” and feels responsive – which I like. But Swiftkey’s predictions and auto-correct is superior by far.

      • wezi427

        I agree.

      • Jesus

        I’ve been using Google’s Keyboard, and it’s predictions and auto-corrections have been good enough – nothing to complain about.

        However, I’m trying out Swiftkey now, and gotta say that it’s nicer than Google’s – Long press to access punctuations (like Samsung’s keyboard) is very convenient, and also resizing and other options is nice too.

        I will stay with Swiftkey for now.

  • Ahmed Faiz

    Wow Swiftkey love for the playstore users.. Always been a fan of SwiftKey.

  • god, i love satin blue and purple, so awesome.

  • Dropper

    time to mint money from iphone users..

    • Paco Inurreta

      Im not sure if I read it right but as far as I know, Apple is trying to ban in-app purchase, so, it will sell the app for iOS users but have free themes. Basically they are going to mine the Android users.

      • Sunny

        No. They are trying to stop accidental inapp phrchases

  • Son of a gun. I just purchased this app like 3 days ago only to go back to the beta version because its better.

  • WitnessG

    Sort of random question but why do the emojis look like the ones off of iOS? Don’t look like the regular KitKat ones.

    • Nathan Buffington

      They look like my kitkat ones when I used it?

      • WitnessG

        Yeah they look like the kitkat ones for me too but not in the screenshot in the article.

  • Alu Zeros

    i like it, been using swiftkey for a while now. one thing i would like to see though is a gesture cursor selection movement added to it. I wonder how many people are going to actually buy themes…it’s a bold move.

    • tdurden64111

      I bought a few. In-app purchases are very lucrative.

  • Jayfeather787

    Yes!!! A free keyboard without ads!! Can’t wait to try this out!!

  • Nixon Randhawa

    how can i block offensive words

  • Da Fuq

    SwiftKey is like the TouchWiz of keyboards ;)

  • luminelx64

    I’ve been using TouchPalX and always eager to try out SwiftKey due to its high reputation and high PlayStore rating.
    But I must admit, after using SwiftKey extensively for the past couple of days, TouchPal is better than SwiftKey,
    TouchPal has more features, and offers more word predictions at the top row, compared to SwiftKey’s 3-word prediction limit.
    There are many other aspects too in which TouchPal is the better option.