Video: SwiftKey Flow Through Space eliminates the need to tap the spacebar

by: ŠtefanDecember 4, 2012

Forget about the whole Android versus iOS battle, when it comes to third party keyboards, things get really bloody really fast. Some people prefer the stock keyboard that Google builds into Android, others swear by Swype, and then there’s SwiftKey. SwiftKey is easily our favorite, and with their new “Flow Through Space” feature, we’re even more in love. Here’s how it works: Instead of having to swipe a word, lift up your finger, swipe another word, and so on and so forth, now all you have to do is swipe over the spacebar to insert a space. Put another way, you never have to take your finger off the screen. Confused? Just watch the video below.

Will Google bake this feature into Android? Why wouldn’t they? Google pretty much stole Swype when they came out with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them steal “Flow Through Space” when they announce Key Lime Pie in 2013. Why doesn’t Google simply buy SwiftKey? We honestly have no idea. It seems like such an obvious thing to do, but then again maybe the SwiftKey team wants to stay independent? Maybe they’re fine with the lives they’re currently living and don’t want to move just to take on a new job? We’ll never really know.

Anyway, it’s kind of funny now that we think about the market today. When the iPhone came out, and then Android a year later, there were people who swore that they’d never get a touch screen device. That hitting physical keys was the only way they’d ever want to use a smartphone. The total lack of QWERTY devices today is a testament to how far we’ve come with touch keyboard technology.

Imagine how much better they’ll be in another five years?

  • BrainOfSweden

    I actually just think the lack of physical QWERTY devices is because the manufacturers decides what’s best for us. I would love more choice in that category, but sadly, most QWERTY phones aren’t top notch, simply because they are underprirotized. Even with all these new features to touch screen keyboards, and I admit I like them, I simply don’t write as fast or efficient as on a physical keyboard, even if it’s the tiny one on my Xperia Mini Pro. And I probably never will, unless I stop typing on this computer keyboard, right now.

  • Tarek Assaf

    SlideIT Keyboard is not bad…

  • IncCo

    I really hope google doesnt buy swiftkey ! What about all of us who dont have a nexus device or want to root and rom ?!

  • mjolnir

    they better not charge another $4…hopefully it will be a free upgrade for those who purchased sk3?

  • I just moved from iPhone and the stock keyboard was not impressive. Talk about mistakes…

  • Guest

    You gotta be kidding me . This feature is available on Swype from a long time and also on the latest android jelly bean keyboard !! Swift Key is catching up !!

    • mazillion

      no, the new feature they are showing off here is the fact that you don’t need to lift your finger to hit the space bar. which swype and android keyboards don’t support. but i know that guesture typing has already been around. but for a non-guesture typing keyboard swiftkey 3 has stood up very well. most consider it the best keyboard around, and it is amazing at what it does. i am using the swype beta right now and it’s a pain in the ass when i have to type in individual keys. swiftkey is so much easier in that sense. now we get the best of both worlds. the competition will have a hard time competing.

  • hmmm

    i think its better to lift your finger between words or continuous rubbing on the screen will cause blistering of the finger

  • Watch out for Adaptxt, Definitely you have something more than this