SwiftKey Flow has been announced, may give Swype some real competition (with video)

by: Joe HindyOctober 25, 2012

swiftkey flow
When Swype was first released, it took the world by storm. It became so popular so quickly that it remains the only non OEM and non stock Android keyboard to come stock in smart phones. It is always improving as well, having recently getting some feature upgrades. The well known third party keyboard SwiftKey may start stomping around Swype’s turf soon with their newest keyboard, SwiftKey Flow.

For those who aren’t familiar, SwiftKey is among the most popular third party keyboards in all of Android. It stakes its claim as having the best text prediction along with easy to adjust settings and some awesome themes. Apparently, they’re taking the next step forward with SwiftKey Flow. It has all the elements of classic SwiftKey, but with the ability to swipe words.

Aside from Swiftkey Flow having all the capabilities of the normal SwiftKey keyboard plus the new swipe feature, it’s also quite aesthetically pleasing. The stock swipe trail is pink that gradually gradients into blue and we assume that’ll be changeable when you switch themes.

Will SwiftKey Flow give Swype competition?

You bet it will. Swype is the reigning champion of swipe style keyboards for right now. However, it does have its pitfalls. It is only now starting to allow things like theming whereas SwiftKey, and presumably SwiftKey Flow, have a healthy set of themes already.

Perhaps the biggest pitfall is that Swype isn’t available everywhere. For instance, for those who like rootin’ and ROMin’ it up, you can’t usually get Swype on AOSP ROMs even if they come included with your phone stock. For SwiftKey Flow, you just have to go download it in the Google Play Store. It doesn’t matter what ROM you’re running or what phone you have. The lack of restrictions will definitely make it a capable competitor.

It hasn’t been announced exactly when SwiftKey Flow will land on the Play Store. On the official SwiftKey website, they state only that it is coming soon. When it drops, who’s getting it? To see a dubstep laden demonstration, check the video below.

  • Stian French

    I have an HTC with Trace. It sucks. I had a Samsung with Swype and it was awesome! I could type really fast one-handed. This looks amazing. I’ll probably get it.

  • Joshhud

    “for instance, for those who like rootin’ and ROMin’ it up, you can’t usually get Swype on AOSP ROMs even if they come included with your phone stock.”

    I have an original HTC Evo 4G that is rooted with Cyanogemod 7 and i was able to get swype on here.. not sure what that part is about.

    • That’s why I included “usually” in that sentence lol :) I had the EVO 4G with CM7 and Swype as well. Usually getting Swype to work on AOSP is a real pain in the rear end.

      • Joshhud

        I did not know that lol.. that was my first and only root and everything went pretty smoothly

        • The EVO 4G is a great phone to get started on for rooting and such. It had amazing development and most of it was easy to do. Not every phone has the development atmosphere that the EVO 4G had :)

      • Matt

        Sorry, I disagree. All you have to do is go to http://beta.swype.com/ and sign up. Then download the Swype installer, login, and then install Swype Beta. Simple.

        And if you “like rootin’ and ROMin’ it up,” download TitaniumBackup, it backs up both Swype Beta, but also the Swype Beta installer.

  • tanivula

    Dont you just download the Swype installer from beta.swype.com ? Never been a problem on all the AOSP (CM7/CM9/AOKP/CNA/PA) roms I’ve every installed. Had a problem with MIUI due to how it selects keyboards, but installing was no problem.

    • That is true, you can, but you must have a Swype beta username and password as well. Still easier to use Google Play :)

  • This seems 10x slower than SwiftKey 3. She has to select every single word up top….

    • max

      That’s because in the beginning she is actually typing only.
      Then she is swiping without swiping the words in full length but instead using the prediction.

  • Twisted247

    I will definately download it and give it a try but just from looking at the video it is aesthetically pleasing. But personally I think I can swype faster then I could use that particular program.

  • Moses Meisner

    I’ve been a tester from swype from the start and I have tried many different keyboards in between and still stayed with swype.

    Yesterday I found a very cool keyboard called Keymonk. it’s basically swype x2. You can use both hands. There is sime learning curve but it’s awesome 1

    • Umer Salman

      Keymonk is for sure really cool, but I haven’t been able to learn how to use it right…

      For now, I stick with TouchPal!