SwiftKey Flow was originally announced back in late-October and while there seems to be plenty of excitement, we have yet to see anything in terms of public availability. The folks at SwiftKey originally stated that they would be releasing a beta sometime “soon” and that it would be available first for the VIP community. And well, it is beginning to look like that VIP community may have included Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users.

Keep in mind, we have yet to get any confirmation from SwiftKey, however Galaxy Note 2 users are reporting seeing Flow as an option in the settings. On that thought, if you are a Galaxy Note 2 user, you may want to launch your Setting and head to the Language and Input section and then click on the settings icon for the Samsung keyboard. From this point you will see an option for Swiftkey flow. If you want to enable it, make sure that box is checked.

Otherwise, we suspect the Google Play version of SwiftKey with Flow will look a bit different, however for the folks using a Galaxy Note 2, your available option will have the Flow functionality on a Samsung style keyboard.

In short, if you are a fan of swipe/trace style typing and happen to have a Galaxy Note 2 in-hand, you may want to check your settings. Of course, what this really means is the swipe/trace style keyboard space is getting interesting. We had (and still have) Swype. Plus, the recent introduction of trace typing in Jelly Bean and now the SwiftKey Flow support.

Robert Nelson
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  • VZW Note 2….finally

    Yup it’s there. I didn’t think anything of it when I first saw it. Thought all Notes had it.

  • IanDickson


  • thedarkknight80

    Had it since day one on my international version .

    But let me tell you , that swiftkey 3 keyboard reads my mind before i even type !

    The native keyboard is pretty good though . I like the fact that the numbers are laid out on top for me to see …

  • freedomspopular

    I’ve had that option from the beginning, but mine says “continuous input.” Either way, it’s got nothing on Swype.

  • yarrellray

    It works great on my tmobile Galaxy Note 2.

  • Its been there for a while..its called continuous input… cant wait for it o be available on the swiftkey keyboard it self though

  • leam

    i have my galaxy note 2 international version . called “continuous input ” . it stops working . i can’t open it . also, i can’t change input method by tapping keyboard icon on the notification panel .