Get your flow on: Swiftkey Flow beta now available for download

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 6, 2012

swiftkey flow

A couple of days ago we’ve told you about the newest version of the popular Android keyboard, Swiftkey. Dubbed Flow, the new Swiftkey brings gesture based typing and an innovative new feature that lets you type entire phrases without ever lifting the finger from the touchscreen. Great news for lazy typists everywhere!

Yesterday, the official account of the Swiftkey developer tweeted that the new Flow beta is less than 24 hours away. True to their word, the Swiftkey team has now made the app available for beta testing. Actually, to test the keyboard, you need to be a member of the VIP program, but worry not, contrary to the name, the program is open for just about anyone.

The marquee feature of the new Swiftkey Flow is the poetically named Flow Through Space feature. Instead of tapping the spacebar or pausing, you can enter spaces by gliding your finger over the spacebar. In theory, this should really speed up your typing, but from our initial experience, it’s better to lift your finger from the touchscreen from time to time, to avoid messing up entire phrases.

Besides Flow, Swiftkey is the same great predictive keyboard you know and love. The latest update has a bunch of neat themes for you to choose from, and some tweaks to the usability part.

Given that Android 4.2 incorporates a Flow-like gesture typing keyboard, it’s a great time for the Swiftkey team to kick it into high gear. If you are curious to try out the new Flow, check out the “VIP” program and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts.

  • Arch Thor

    Already using it, just downloaded. Accurate and fast, uses the brains from. SwiftKey. With the swype feature. Haven’t noticed any bugs so far, but if anything shows up I’ll share here.

    • JosephHindy

      The only issue I’ve run into is trying to type website names. It’ll try to change www to wow, then it’ll add a space after the dot then after the next dot…so it ends up looking like this:

      www. android authority. com

      It’s fixable but annoying when you type websites often.

  • David Davtian

    Thanks a lot I downloaded and this will be a competitor of swype

  • RarestName (Smartphones) (Tablets)

    Sorry, SwiftKey team :P

  • Kurt

    Downloaded it but flow not working, still acting like the regular swiftkey

  • rsanchez1

    There has to be a better keyboard layout than qwerty for typing without lifting your finger off the screen.