SwiftKey Flow beta gets another bugs fix and performance update

by: Bams SadewoFebruary 13, 2013


The SwiftKey Flow beta made its debut on Android devices last December. Since then, the app has received numerous updates, with the last one pushed out earlier in the month. Just as the final version is about to hit Google Play, the SwiftKey team has updated the Flow beta once more.

The latest beta, according to them, will fix some force close issues and other bugs. Here’s the partial changelog:

  • Fixed crash on changing keyboards, force close on clicking update language, and others
  • Resolved majority of non-English punctuation problems
  • New look installer to match SwiftKey Flow colors and include an introduction to SwiftKey Flow
  • Memory usage of settings app reduced
  • Microphone key disabled in fields that don’t support voice input
  • Fix for keyboard disappearing when phone build installed on tablet sized devices
  • Double space for period turned off by default to prevent accidental period insertion when flowing
  • Turned off slide down from candidate bar to close keyboard when flow is on (to be consistent with the description in the Settings menu)
  • And more…

Despite the many improvements and enhancements, the full list of which you can find below, there are still many known issues left. If you want to give version of the app a try, click here to grab the phone version and here for the tablet version.

  • Noah

    Waw, that’s actually quite an improvement.

    A sensible fix is now being able to use flow and prediction in all browser fields! Before it was absent from most of them (Google search, forums, …). So they’re (finally) listening to all their users.

    Another one is being able to switch from one language to the next by swiping the spacebar, an elegant solution that avoids going back to the settings. Unfortunately though, it only switches the keyboard layout and not really the language, SwiftKey will still suggest foreign words in the middle of a sentence (which is very rarely used in practice, so it must be a bug).

    A remaining annoyance is the keyboard size on the tablet version, it’s not possible to get a smaller keyboard like Swype’s, and it does feel ridiculous to have to swipe all the way on a big 10.1″ tablet keyboard! Hopefully they’ll realize their mistake here and offer a small-sized keyboard in the near future.

    Not bad at all, with a prediction that feels better than Swype, they might become a good alternative once those remaining little hiccups are solved. Since on their side, Swype have improved the installation obscure process a little bit (it’s still a bit awkward, for example being forced to download the installer on the device itself and not on a comfortable PC browser… and no Google Play entry), this is an interesting fight.

    • Noah

      Scratch that, the Flow isn’t yet as smart as Swype.