SwiftKey makes the jump to cars, coming to the Clarion AX1 car stereo

by: Bogdan PetrovanJanuary 9, 2014

swiftkey clarion car

Smart cars have been a central theme of International CES 2014, with the big announcement of Google’s Open Automotive Alliance and demos of Android-based infotainment systems from automakers like Audi.

It’s inevitable, Android is coming to the car, and with it, many of the apps that we love so much on our mobile devices. One such app making the jump to automotive is SwiftKey. The developers of the popular predictive keyboard announced today a partnership with Clarion to put SwiftKey on the new Android-powered Clarion AX1 infotainment system.

AX1, standing for Android Experience 1, is Clarion’s first Android powered head unit, packing a “user-friendly Android interface similar to a smartphone interface – complete with touchscreen, upgradable software and apps – and an Internet browser app that allows Internet surfing, access to email and YouTube browsing”. The unit features a 6.5-inch display and runs a modified version of Android 2.3.7 on an 800MHz processor and 1GB of RAM.

SwiftKey will be the default keyboard across the system, allowing for fast text entry in everything from the navigation app, to email, to the music app. The app’s swipe-based input and word prediction system should prove very useful in the relatively unstable, vibrating environment of a moving vehicle.

SwiftKey recently unified its tablet and smartphone versions into one flexible layout that adapts to the screen and lets users resize and relocate the keyboard dock around the screen.

For now, the Clarion AX1 is available in countries in South East Asia, but the stereo system should make it to Europe and North America later this year. The device is currently available for pre-order for $800.

  • AfterBurner

    So basically they’re encouraging people to text EVEN MORE while driving? This is so dangerous and irresponsible that it makes me feel kind of ill.

    • Traian

      I agree. I think some features should “lock” as long as the car is moving.

      They can argue that all the operations should be done by the right-seat passenger, but we all know that the driver will not be able to keep his hands off this toy. :)

      Also, you can find such an Android device much cheaper and with more features in Chinese web shops.

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  • Dave

    Hello im from indonesia. Im preordering it on january 2014. But until
    now im not getting any email from infogo. the email i got is I must wait
    till November 2013. Im post it on the Facebook page of infogo and
    clarion ax1 and they said infogo already sent me an email. in Facebook
    of clarion ax1 they said I am must paid before February 2014. and they
    will deliver the unit start from march 2014. I dont know what Clarion
    think of the preorder. I just find this silly people must wait half a
    year to get their unit delivered (for who preorder in september 2013). For
    the info the unit can only purchased online without any real store (infogo.com)