SwiftKey 4.4.2 update goes live today

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 16, 2014

SwiftKey update

The ever popular keyboard app SwiftKey is receiving another update, which goes live today. The latest version is 4.4.2, and mainly addresses irritating bugs and memory usage. The developers are also currently testing some new features in the public beta, which should arrive in a future update.

Here’s a list of the fixes in 4.4.2:

  • Several memory and performance issues resolved
  • Ice theme uses less RAM now
  • Some force closes when loading languages
  • Other force closes affecting different parts of the app
  • Keyboard no longer jumps after unlocking the device with a password
  • The bottom row is no longer hidden by the menu bar on some Motorola and Meizu devices (if you are experiencing this issue on other devices, we would really like to know so please tell us at support.swiftkey.net)
  • Fixed some issues with SwiftKey Cloud sync

As usual, existing customers should receive a prompt to update automatically. If not just open up Google Play and check the “my apps” list.

  • Rahn
  • raazman

    And still ugly, give us more themes!

    • Daniel DS

      I disagree about it being ugly, but more themes would be nice

      • raazman

        I’d like swiftkey to blend in with Android’s default look. How about support for custom third party themes? That should be included.

  • Mark Nemeth

    I expected the number row from this update

    • asd

      They have that on the beta with emojis but to download it go on their twitter and follow the link or go to their blog

  • VasyaPupkin

    who cares about it till they have these tiny characters on the buttons – i can barely see them!

  • Giovonni Fareed

    I don’t understand why its taking so long for Emoji support, is it that damn hard to add in..

    • Mexnoob

      I agree, we are not asking much.

    • asd

      they have emoji in the beta and it works flawlessly im currently using that but will delete it when it becomes offical

  • Josh Richard

    i have the beta, and what i find quite useful is when you type a word and there is a corresponding emoji it will appear in the prediciton row to the right.