When it comes to Android keyboard add-ons, there are many choices out there. While the most popular keyboard in use is probably Swype, many users also swear by SwiftKey 3.

What makes SwiftKey 3 so special? It’s able to guess what you are going to type before you type it, and it learns the words and phrases you use regularly, so its predictions become better with time. According to SwiftKey’s site, they have saved its users over 65 billion keystrokes. The keyboard will even automatically correct your messages if you write quickly and sloppy, providing spelling fixes and more.

SwiftKey 3 just got even better though, thanks to a new update available through Google Play. The major changes added include two new themes, so you can better customize the way the keyboard looks. The SwiftKey 3 program has also added Malay and Urdu language support, and ICS and Jelly Bean voice input. The new voice feature means that you don’t have to have it processed, instead it will transcribe your voice instantly. Minor changes in the update also include a variety of bug fixes. The newest update brings the software up to and must be upgraded manually, through Google Play.

You can check out the premium keyboard add-on through Google Play.

Andrew Grush
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