Survey: iPad Buyers Holding Off Purchases Because of Kindle Fire

by: Brigitte NovabosNovember 11, 2011
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When the iPad was first introduced to the world, we were so amazed at how revolutionary it was we never thought anything else could beat it. It turns out that the iPad just might have met its match—the Amazon Kindle Fire.

To be released on November 16, the Amazon Kindle Fire is proving to be a tough contender when paired up with other up-and-coming tablets in the market under the $200 budget such as the Nook Tablet, but to have the Amazon Kindle Fire lure potential iPad buyers off the Apple ship is not an easy feat.

Recent research, however, provides proof of this. RBC Capital Markets and ChangeWave Research have conducted surveys indicating that potential iPad buyers are now putting their iPad orders on hold. This is true for 26% of the individuals surveyed who already pre-ordered the Kindle Fire or have indicated a strong interest in purchasing the tablet.

Initial sales figures for the Kindle Fire also are looking good, with 5% of registered users saying they have already placed their pre-orders or will be rushing to get a hold of the tablet on release day.

The figures reflecting the demand for the Kindle Fire are 1% higher than predicted figures for the iPad, back when it was first launched in February, 2010. This may be attributed to the initial ridicule and consumer hesitation that met the iPad upon its unveiling, but it sure has paved the way for tablets to gain a significant following in the consumer electronics market.

While this development might translate to a considerable chunk being taken off of Apple’s comfortable share in the tablet market, Apple reportedly remains unfazed by the Kindle Fire’s entry, saying that the arrival of another Android-based tablet that is customized and ready for integration into Amazon’s services will divide the platform up even more and even work to Apple’s advantage by drawing more users towards the stability of the iOS ecosystem.

Curious about all the excitement that the Amazon Kindle Fire is stirring up? Take a quick look at its features.  Would you rather have the Amazon Kindle Fire or the iPad?

  • AppleFUD

    At this point ipad-like tablets are just toys. They don’t have the heavy lifting apps and power needed to be a full replacement–maybe the Transformer Prime will be able to handle larger apps. Therefore, I suspect that most people will test out the cheaper Kindle Fire & Nook Color II and see if it will do what they want it for, and if so. . . no high priced tablet for them.

  • Ehh isnt this an android site? Why did this article read like an ifanboy wrote it… Seriously, ipad not beatable? And ios ecosystem stability? Ughhhh.. More like apple marketing hype.

    • Jetskiters_ablaze

      It’s a news article and putting the Apple references on there is called objectivity and citing sources well.

  • TechGuy-Tech

    It’s like comparing chalk and cheese. The people considering the iPad are not the same market considering the Fire.

    Would you prefer nice cheap bicycle or an expensive Porsche. They will both get you from one place to another but are very different products for different markets.

    Some of these surveys are just ridiculous. The questions they ask often determine the results and often the results are reported without knowing how or where the “sample base” was selected and the precise nature of the questions asked.

    Question. Would you prefer a black eye or a iPad?

    Survey Result: Every respondent said they would like an iPad!

  • Metal916

    The fire vs ipad is a good comparison. they are very s