Survey: more IT professionals are looking to Android tablets than iPads

by: LucianJune 20, 2012

Tablets are invading the enterprise, and obviously the iPad was the first and main reason for the invasion to happen. Another important factor that contributed to the proliferation of tablets in corporate environments is the trend of professionals bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work. Although right now the iPad is leading in enterprise by a big margin, the BYOD trend is also helping Android tablets to get a foothold in boardrooms and offices from across the world. Moreover, according to one survey by Good, Android slates might surpass iPads in number in the close future.

Of the 3000 IT professionals surveyed, 71% said that they own a tablet, and 3 out of 5 said that they use it daily for work. The daily usage is highest among Blackberry tablet owners (71%), followed by iPad (64%) and Android (58%) owners. Currently, 72% of  the companies surveyed by Good said that they have BYOD programs, which is a 60% increase from last year alone. These companies tend to be large ones, with 81% of them having more than 2000 employees.

When surveying the IT professionals for future purchases, most of them (44%) seem to have chosen Android as their default tablet purchase, while only 27% said they would go for the iPad. It seems things are changing fast, even though right now 51% of them say they own an iPad, and 38% say they own an Android tablet, which is still pretty close. In other countries the situation seems to be even better for Android, with 50% of the IT professionals opting for an Android tablet in South America, and only 21.7% for the iPad, Europe (49.3% Android vs. 22.7% iPad), and Africa (43.6% vs. 20.5%).

Another interesting finding was that 43% of the respondents said that pricing is important to them, while only 31% of the iPad owners said the same thing. This shows that Android stands to gain huge market share with more inexpensive tablets within the $150-$300 range, and soon, the Google tablet will be able to jumpstart that trend in Android’s favor.

  • melci

    Lucian, you’ve linked to the wrong survey. Good Technology only mention Android and iOS devices once in the report you link and not with any percentages mentioned. I think you are getting confused with a recent IDC survey.

    In contrast, other data Good Techonlogy has recently released indicated that iPads make up 97.3% of all business tablet activations and 73.9% of business smartphone activations (excluding the Blackberry).

    In terms of future purchase intent, Changewave recently reported that 73% of professional users planning to buy a tablet in the next 3 months will buy an iPad compared with 8% who will get a Kindle Fire and only 6% who plan to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    As such, I think with significant conflict regarding future purchase intent and the current overwhelming dominance of the iPad in the business market, we need to take IDC’s survey with a large dose of salt.

    • AppleFUD

      Imagine that. . . an apple article on AA and there’s melci, just like on every other site I visit, only when an apple article shows up does melci show up to troll the article.

      you must be a paid apple shill! you just can’t have that much time on your hands. or are you living in mom’s basement?

      Honestly melci, NO ONE CARES! All the number you put forth to make apple look good just don’t matter even if they are all spot on. The only thing that matters is what a person likes and wants to use, and that’s why Android is doing so well with smartphones — people just like it. . . and it seems to be gaining in tablets.

      but you go on with your apple trolling! enjoy!

      • melci

        Hmm, it’s a shame you can’t seem to comprehend that someone with an Apple perspective might comment on Apple-related articles on an Android site because they enjoy the repartee with those of a different point of view.

        I hesitate to mention this, but as you are commenting, it appears you at least do care though as tends to be the case you present no actual evidence to support your obviously divergent view.

        I do prefer robust but friendly discussion though so if you would like to present a different perspective, I’d welcome that.

        Take it easy.

        • AppleFUD

          It’s a shame that an apple troll can’t realize he’s an apple troll when he’s spending his days hunting down apple articles throughout the web to spew his brand of “apple is perfect” and to convince all of “apple’s greatness.”

          I see you on many many sites. . . always doing the same thing. Spewing pro apple FUD. It’s just pathetic that you also do it on Android centric sites, and I’m sure complain when Android trolls come to apple centric sites and do the same BS.

          Here’s your different perspective. Every single person I know that has a smartphone did NOT read any articles relating to: any platforms dominance, number of apps said platform has in said app store, percentage of IT admin interested in said platform, percentage of devs interested in developing for said platform, *intent* of devs/purchasers/IT, etc. . . in order to pick said device. What did they do? Walked into a store, handled said devices, asked agent questions about said devices, and chose one based on some completely arbitrary reason.

          There, you feel better now? No one in the real world cares but you and other trolls!

          So you keep on keeping on trying to convince anyone and everyone that apple is dominating x, y, and z. Whatever gets you through your sad little day of trolling.

          And NO, I don’t want to have a “friendly discussion” with a troll. Trolls like yourself are what ruin the web for everyone because you all just can’t let it go and let others get on with their own and choose their own. You insist that everyone must follow. . . you all are the new missionaries.

          • melci

            I’m sorry you are evidently threatened by other people having opinions on subjects that interest them and who enjoy debating issues on the web.  This is the beauty of the Internet that it allows many people to participate in forums from all over the world.

            It is just a pity that some would rather not hear the other side of the story and prefer to cast insults and belittle others rather than engage in an open exchange of ideas.  This close-mindedness and vitriol is what ruins the web for everyone else unfortunately.

            However, thank you for also posting a comment at least partially related to the subject at hand though – even if it is anecdotal and only based on based on personal experience.  

          • AppleFUD

            You DO NOT debate issues on the web. You consistently spew the same thing over and over regardless of the facts presented to you.

            The other side of the story? Rich, real rich coming from someone like you who never looks at any other side than “apple is dominating.”

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            Even if apple was so great/dominating/whatever, I still wouldn’t care and nor do most people on the planet especially those reading sites that promote the competitor, duh! There’s a reason we are NOT reading an apple related site — hint: we don’t really care for apple any longer, they’ve become a douche bag of a company over the past decade.

            Seriously, the fact you keep replying to my comments shows just what a zealot you are for apple, hell bent on convincing anyone and everyone of your “apple gospel.”

            Seriously, worse than any religious nut showing up at my door.

          • melci

            So most people do not care about Apple and yet here we are commentingn yet another article about Apple on an Android site. It is a bit amusing that you accuse me of going on and on. I think you have a major chip on your shoulder Mr AppleFUD – oh look there’s that word “Apple” again in your own handle. I think you do car very much.

            Talk about hijacking what could have been an interesting discussion abut this article which was “drum roll” about Apple.

          • VP

            no offence to anyone,but Apple products are more of a show off thing, more like a style statement than being a useful product. People pay just for the brand name,while there are better and DURABLE products available in the market for lesser price!

          • AppleFUD

            Hijacking? Ah. . . someone else making a comment here?
            Anyone here making a comment about apple on an apple article other than what looks, walks, and talks like a schill? NO!

            People care? Yeah, that’s why most of the world doesn’t use apple products. OK, there you go again twisting it to make “apple oh so great.” See what you do?

            I made a comment about YOU and to YOU! You may want to re-read my comments here. They aren’t about this article. They are about an apple troll/schill — someone who feels the need to have and endless debate over anything and everything related to apple in any way possible. . . thus you keep on commenting even though the comments are directed about you — did you really miss that?

            And there is a reason I use AppleFUD. . . and it is due to people just like you :)
            spreading your misinformation to make apple in to the end all be all of everything. . . they aren’t and the reality is a small percentage of the world population use apple devices. But hey, it seems you have to really believe that everyone is oh so in love with everything apple and feel the need to “correct” every apple related article and comment to make it through the day. . . because you are oh so “open minded.” OK then, Mr. Open Minded. . . list off all the negatives of Apple, iOS, OS X, iPhone, and iPad.

            Go ahead and show us that you are truly open minded and can see apple and their devices for what they truly are instead of the “perfect market leading devices” you want everyone to buy into.

            Let’s hear it! Tear it up! I do it all the time on Google & Android. . . your turn.

          • melci

            Misinformation?  Please tell us all which of the statistics I have provided is not true.  I seem to be the only one providing actual concrete research and statistics to support my arguments.  Unfortunately certain other commenters appear only to be able to sling insults and engage in personal attacks.  Also, I’m not sure how you come to the conclusion that I believe Apple is perfect. I certainly do not believe that.

            If you notice, my first comment on this article only pointed out that Lucian had linked to the wrong study by Good Technology instead of IDC and that Good Tech actually had previously published information that refuted the thesis of this article.

            I should probably cease replying to you as I wouldn’t want you to have an aneurysm over something this silly.

          • AppleFUD

            And there we have it!

            Can’t say a negative about apple can you?

            Shill or troll? You pick. You had your chance to prove yourself as someone “open minded” etc. . . . And you went for misdirection.

            I’m betting shill. . . you have to be getting paid by apple for all the BS you put out on sites with your comments otherwise. . . . wow!

          • melci

            Still no hard evidence to back up your allegation of misinformation eh MrFUD? Just more personal attacks as usual. Heh, that would be nice if I was paid to write these comments, but do you seriously believe Apple needs to AstroTurf? Have you seen their stock market valuation recently?

            Let’s look at one of your claims shall we: “Most of the world doesn’t use Apple products”

            Interestingly enough, CNBC recently reprted that half of the households in the USA have an Apple product and 77% of those with a household income of $75,000 or greater own at least one Apple product (with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4%).

            In addition, Apple reports that there are now 400 million active credit card holders with iTunes accounts. Considering the number of families that share a single credit card account and AppleID or use gift cards and allowances for children etc for all the media and app purchases on all their PCs, Macs and iDevices, the number of users would be significantly higher than that figure.

            It turns out that a pretty considerable proportion of the developed world does in fact use Apple products after all.

            So, what’ll it be – more childish insults and vitriol or would you care to comment on these facts?

          • AppleFUD

            And the shill continue.

            Come on prove me wrong. Show me you are “open minded” and want a “real discussion” and you are not just a troll/shill for apple.

            Go on, give up the negatives about apple & their devices. . . there has to be some. If you cannot talk about the negatives as well as positives you are nothing more than a troll/shill/fanboy. . ..

            until then. . . troll on!

          • melci

            Since you have decided to fixate on this point I’m interested to see what your response is when I complain about Apple dropping the Xserve. I know Apple sells far more mobile products, laptops and iMacs, but I reckon it would have been strategically a good move to maintain the Xserve even if it was just as a “hobby”. It’s also frustrating we’ve had to wait as long as we have for a new model Mac Pro.

            I’m also angry that Apple never quite knew what to do with HyperCard back in the day. Having your very own personal english-language programming toolkit ship for free with every Mac sold really was a revelation for a generation of non-programmers. The various third party alternatives available for a price is just not quite the same.

            These are certainly examples of the downsides of Apple’s Laser focus and willingness to say No to things in order to a good job on what they do choose to say Yes to.

            So in the spirit of give and take, would you care to now drop the personal attacks and engage in civil discussion? To kick things off, I’d like to say that I am actually very glad Android is available as an alternative to Apple. I reckon this isn’t a Highlander issue – there can be more than one.

          • AppleFUD

            Really, that’s your “negatives” on *apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad*. . .

            Clearly you don’t seem capable of looking at all sides of something when related to apple. Your negatives of “apple” are two products they dropped. . .?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!? And all while you compliment apple on their “laser focus” — yes, I’m sure all their lawsuits are helping their “laser focus” on product development.

            In other words, you really can’t find a negative with apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad, etc?????????????????????????????

            Thus my point is validated. If you are unable to critically example all aspects of something then you are a . . . . . you guess it ;)

            Here’s how you critically examine something:
            Android, while ICS has made significant steps forward there are still UI features that are. . . horrible. Why does Google insist on having a big search dialogue on every screen? Do they think I’m an idiot and don’t know that the search is for Google or that it is search period? Why can’t they think about how I, the user, hold a phone so I can easily reach the search with one hand on a 4.5″+ instead of caring only about their branding? You know, place the search icon right down there at the bottom next to the other on screen button and that way I could easily access voice as well whenever I need, but NOOOOOO. . . they know better and their branding is aparently MUCH more important than the user experience thus XDA & Cyanogenmod have to do it!

            See how easy it is to critique something and point out its flaws whether minor or major?

            The fact that you have flat out refused to say something negative about *apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad*, etc. . . affirms that you MUST be on apple’s payroll and fearful of being fired. . . or you are a blinded fanboy that is in capable of seeing the flaws of apple and their products. In either case the conclusion is, you are incapable of having an “open minded real discussion” on anything related to apple and thus are a what???

          • melci

            For goodness sake. It really isn’t possible to have a mature discussion with you is it. AndroidAuthority has gone and blocked my previous IP as it appears they don’t like differing views and only want to allow those who toe the Android line no matter how much they engage in personal attacks so looks like I’ll be leaving you to your little clique.

            Have fun.

          • AppleFUD

            Oh come on now. The only thing I’m doing to you is pointing out that you CANNOT have a real conversation with anyone when it concerns apple — you simply cannot look at their negatives. If you can’t do that you CANNOT have a real discussion. You are simply promoting them. That’s all their is to it.

            In all honesty, I enjoy talking to people who like other platforms. My father LOVED Mac since day one till his end. But he could see that apple was not perfect. You seem completely incapable of that thus there is NO point whatsoever in entering into discussion with you other than to call you out as an apple shill/troll/fanboy until you can actually critique apple & their products openly and honestly.

            So. . . until you can do that. . . troll on brother!

          • Melci,

            I dont believe we ever blocked any of your IP’s. We respect people’s right to engage in open dialogue.

  • Edward Johnson

    when you take a survey you don’t necessarily have to say the truth

    • ck

      Why is there a need to lie? You tell me, what would it do good to them for not saying the truth?