The manufacturers have been right to push for larger screens, because it seems that’s exactly what people want. Of course, part of this is probably because some people have already bought some large screens, and only then the others noticed how nice the larger screen is, so then they wanted one, too.

This recent survey says that 90% of smartphone owners want their next phone to have a larger screen, that includes iPhone users as well. Either they are going to buy an Android phone next or they are really hoping the next iPhone will have a much larger screen, although I doubt the iPhone will ever be bigger than 4″.

Why are they choosing a larger screen smartphone? Because they realize that a larger screen offers you a better experience overall:

“Almost 90 percent of existing smartphone owners surveyed chose a prototype smartphone with a display larger than their current device,” commented Paul Brown, a Director in the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice. “This trend is driven by increased mobile web browsing capability, as well as engaging video and gaming experiences.”

Web browsing is better, because you get to see a lot more of the text and the page (if it also has a high resolution). Pictures are bigger as well when you browse through them. You don’t hurt your eyes watching a full movie on a tiny screen, and it makes you want to see more movies on your phone if it has a bigger screen.

Gamers also get to enjoy their games better not only because everything can be bigger in the game, but the controls can be bigger and more useful as well. Gaming experience is just better on larger screens, and every gamer should know that.  As long as it fits in your pocket, larger screen phones have only advantages and almost no drawbacks.

Initially, some reviewers, especially those that own iPhones, have quickly dismissed the Galaxy Note as being unusable because it’s so large with its 5.3″ screen after a few days of use, but the real truth is the Galaxy Note is gathering an army of supporters. People just love that big vibrant SAMOLED screen. I’m not expecting everyone to want a 5.3″ phone, but there are definitely millions of people out there who find such a device very useful and are addicted to it.

Even better, I believe Samsung will start releasing phones with very small bezels this year, for both tablets and phones. This means their phones can go to 4.7″ or 4.8″ and not be much larger than a 4.3″ current device, like the Galaxy S 2. In part that will be because of the tiny bezel, but also because of the move to onscreen buttons instead of physical ones, which means the screen can get larger, but only at the expense of the physical buttons.

What’s your phone’s screen size, and are you going to buy one with a larger screen in the future?

  • WestIndiesKING

    I have the galaxy nexus gsm and i love it. I do feel it can be a bit too big for one hand use at time with my case. I think its more due to the width and not the length of the phone. I think the galaxy s2 is the prefect size for what a phone should be and with the bezel-less design will be prefect.

    • wonshikee

      You realize the GS2 (at least the 4.5″ version) is almost identical in width?

      Nexus is like half an inch taller, but same width…

      • WestIndiesKING

        67.94 x 135.5 x 8.94 millimetres galaxy nexus
        69.85 x 130.8 x 9.4 millimetres sky rocket
        68.6 x 129.5 x 9.65 millimetres epic touch

        courtesy of and my own damn hands since i have had both phones

        • wonshikee

          And that proves my statement. You state that nexus feels too wide..

          Nexus and sprint/tmo version are a difference of .5mm in thickness, nexus is actually skinnier

          while height wise, it’s 6mm taller, which is almost half an inch.

  • Droidfan

    Read the user comments about the Galaxy Note at Amazon, Best Buy and AT&T. The number of users who give this phone 4 stars or better is phenomenal. The overwhelming majority say they became satisfied with the screen size, even if unsure at first. There would be a lot more Note sales in the US if Best Buy bothered to actually display a working model in a prominent location in the store.

    I recently purchased the Razr Maxx. I decided on it because of its monster battery life. That is not to say that the super fast processor, gorgeous screen and blistering LTE speeds aren’t top notch as well. But I would not wan’t screen size smaller than its 4.3″.

    There is nothing you will want to do on your smartphone that won’t benefit from larger screen size…except one handed use. If one handed use is the most important aspect of a smartphone…by all means use a smaller phone. Otherwise…buy the largest smartphone you can hold in your hand. You will get use to it and you will definitely not regret it.

    • wastry

      It’s supposed to be a phone that fits in your pocket, not a tablet that you throw into a briefcase (or backpack if you’re a fucking hippy). Phones fit in your pocket; the only pants the Note fits into is Shaq’s or Oprah’s

  • olbp

    I see dozens of people sitting in my lab every day with phone in hand. I have NEVER seen anyone use one with just one hand. After all, almost all of them are using the units in landscape mode, and that just doesn’t WORK with just one hand. Besides, you get a bigger view in landscape.

  • Louisesvfb

    One week in using my Note,………upgraded from iphone, I could not be happier. When I pick up my wife’s iphone now it feels like a kids toy. Love the size!!!

  • wonshikee

    Resolution is just as important as the screen size. They compliment each other.

  • Guest

    > but also because of the move to onscreen buttons instead of physical ones,
    > which means the screen can get larger

    How does moving the existing button *ON* to the screen… making the screen larger?
    It’s making the usable space… smaller. And totally unnecessary. The buttons are just fine where they are… NOT on the screen.

    • wonshikee

      This isn’t really true.

      With the Galaxy Nexus, you can permanently remove the buttons to utilize the full 4.65″ screen and use LMT to replace the navigation. It requires a custom ROM but this isn’t possible w/ hardware buttons.

      Also even stock, you can get the full screen for HD videos, which is still better than never being able to use a larger screen.

      Having on screen keys means you have potential, if you so choose, to use more of the phone’s size for screen.

  • Christan Bermejo

    That also means we are slowly getting blind everyday. Sad, right?

  • Josh7-7

    Bigger screens? Naw, ill wAtch movies on my 46 inch LCD and use my ps3 for gaming, thanks. Itd suck to have to use both thumbs with your phone all the time

    • Guest

      I agree. Awkwardly big phones… what is this, the 1990’s?

      • Kay

        Nope. It’s 2013 now and get u sed to it…Bigger IS better.

  • Sharjeel M

    Actually, iPhones are for people with more… effeminate hands. A larger person would need to put his/her fingers through a pencil sharpener before being able to do anything right on that small screen. Hence, the Galaxy Note. An inch or so in real estate isn’t exactly ‘huge’. And if you’re happy with smaller phones, good for you, but there really is no need to say negative things about Notes or the people who use them.

  • Sailesh Karmacharya

    Just loving my5.5 inch galaxy note 2!!! upgraded from galaxy ace plus! now im really addicted to its huge beautiful screen. watching movies, playing games, browsing internet much much better than that of 3 and 4 inchers.

  • Jules

    I moved on to a Samsung Galaxy note 2 from CrApple and am thrilled with my Note 2. You can’t beat a larger screen. Sorry iSheep out there, the iPhone is passe it’s yesterday’s news.