Just yesterday Google unveiled the very first app produced as part of its Google Area 120 incubator. Somewhat ironically, it was an iOS exclusive. The good news is that Android didn’t have to wait long to join the party as the second Area 120 app has arrived, and unlike with Uptime, Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger is an Android release.

For those that aren’t aware, Area 120 was actually announced last year as a startup incubator that allowed employees to work on bringing their own business ideas to life. So what does this latest app bring to the table? Once again, it’s another messenger application, because we all know that Google doesn’t have enough options on that front.

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January 5, 2016

Sarcasm aside, Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger is an easy-to-use messaging app. All you have to do is hit the microphone button, speak and it will then — in near real time — transcribe what your saying. Not just that, it also recognizes if any of your words have a corresponding emoji, and if they do, it adds those symbols to the message.

Once it is sent, the receiver not only gets a written message that is filled with emojis, but they also get the audio copy that plays along with it. After they read/hear the message, the messages disappear.

Supersonic Voice Messenger probably isn’t for everyone, but if it sounds like something you’d like to give a try, you can download it now from the Play store.

Andrew Grush
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  • C4rtM4n

    unable to download..

  • George Okenyehike

    They done run out of ideas, I say.

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  • EMP

    This app is incompatible with your device. why ?
    not released in all countries yet ?

    • Maria Melo

      Same here.

      • EMP

        got apk from other site, its kinda boring!!

  • “transcribes what *you’re* saying”

    I fixed it for you.

  • huntinwabbits

    I just love messaging apps. I am very thrilled that soon I will not have space on my phone for apps other than messaging ones! How lovely! In fact, I am so thrilled that I am expected to carry around 14 different ways of communicating that I might just go back to the good ole days and just use the dang phone app. Maybe that was Google’s conspiracy all along?

  • HeyRadar

    So, can it be configured to use the built-in TTS engine to play back the text instead of hearing sender’s voice? Thus saving data.

    Are there any apps out there that does that? Don’t want to have TTS enabled for all screens, just an option for text messages.

  • AlexEC

    Another day another messasing app from Google

  • Flow

    Don’t mind me, I’m here for my daily dose of Google messaging apps and s8 leaks