Smoking and brushing teeth with Bluetooth, because why not?

by: Jonathan FeistFebruary 21, 2014

Canadian television watchers in the early 90’s were taught an important lesson via singing puppets in this television commercial. The famous words stuck with most of us – “don’t you put it in your mouth.” Defying this Concerned Children’s Advertisers PSA about putting stuff in your mouth, Oral-B and Supersmoker have built Bluetooth accessories that you could sink your teeth into.

Supersmoker Bluetooth e-cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are a popular new method of helping people quit smoking, or at least providing a safer way to blow smoke rings and sail ships. As these devices are usually close at hand, spending plenty of time just hanging from your lips, it was a logical step to add in a Bluetooth Speakerphone. The Supersmoker Bluetooth adds the functionality of a Bluetooth speakerphone that can even play music. It has been seen in Dutch online stores in different colors for about $117.

Oral-B Bluetooth Toothbrush

Oral-B wants to keep your teeth cleaning habits in check between dentist visits. Connect this Bluetooth toothbrush to your smartphone so it can show you how well you are cleaning your teeth. Your dentist can even program the companion app to help you remember the spots that you usually miss. In tests, they found that many users more than doubled their brushing time, up to 2 Minutes and 16 seconds. Preventing cavities is good, but at $330, this may be a hard pill to swallow.

Remember kids, be sure to ask an adult before you put any other Bluetooth accessories in your mouth. What is the craziest Bluetooth accessory you own?

  • Guest

    It so people talk on their bluetooth headset, whilst smoking their Bluetooth cigarette , and checking their brushing stats of their bluetooth toothbrush all whist fucking them self with their Bluetooth dilldo !

  • Shark Bait

    It so people talk on their Bluetooth headset, whilst smoking their Bluetooth cigarette , and checking their brushing status of their Bluetooth toothbrush all whist fucking them self with their Bluetooth dildo ! (they seriously do exist)

  • Timmy

    Why can’t they add Bluetooth to beer cans so it can text me when the beer is cold. Having the can change colors is not enough. Plus, I’d like a text letting me know I’ve finished my beer and that I need to get another. This will improve my beer drinking efficiency.

    The beer can should also warn me when someone tries to take my beer by sending me a text message and delievering a low voltage shock to the perpetrator. There should also be a locator feature in case I should wander too far from my beer and I need to find it again.

    As a nice accessory, the fridge storing my beer should know that I’ve reached a dangerously low level (less than a case) and automatically purchase more and I should receive a text notification of its arrival.

    Until this dream arrives I’ll have to settle for texting and listening to tunes on my bluetooth e-cig while I drive.

    • districtjack

      Its conceivable to put a Bluetooth module on a beer can for about $5 each, but who wants to pay $50 for a six pack? They probably won’t sell