Microsoft reportedly courting Sundar Pichai as next CEO

by: Shawn IngramJanuary 31, 2014

Sundar Pichai

A new report claims that Google’s head of Android Sundar Pichai is a favorite candidate for the position of Microsoft CEO.

The report comes from Silicon Angle, which claims that negotiations with the Google executive are “in full swing.” Editor-in-Chief of the publication John Furrier said on Twitter that talks with Pichai “are so under wraps,” which, if true, could explain why we haven’t heard Pichai’s name in connection with Microsoft before now.

The most recent reports from publications including Bloomberg, Re/code, and The New York Times say that Microsoft executive Satya Nadella is the current front-runner for the Microsoft CEO position. Others in the running have included Ford CEO Alan Mulally, former CEO of Nokia (and former/future Microsoft employee) Stephen Elop, and Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg. Mulally and Vestberg recently their respective boards they have no intention of leaving their positions, and it appears Elop is no longer a lead candidate.

Microsoft could really move the ball down the field with Sundar Pichai

“Microsoft could really move the ball down the field with Sundar Pichai in creating a new open operating system model for cloud, mobile, and social,” chief analyst at Wikibon Dave Vellante said in a statement to Silicon Angle. “The market has been looking for a CEO who can balance the role of leading the enterprise transformation while keeping that consumer momentum with xBox [sic] and reboot mobile. Pichai is the total package of technology leadership and business acumen.”

This isn’t the first time Pichai has been rumored to leave Google. He was once reportedly courted by Twitter, but stayed on with Google after the company paid him $50 million to stay.

Pichai joined Google in April 2004, and has headed up many divisions in the company from Chrome and Chrome OS to Gmail and Maps. He’s also credited as a driving force behind Google Drive.

Most notable, though, is that Pichai is currently the senior vice president of Android, Chrome, and Apps. It’s hard to imagine that, given the recent moves by Google to strengthen Android, Pichai would step away to head up another company. The new agreement with Samsung could mean Google, and therefore Pichai, will have a greater influence over the future of the mobile platform. It’s hard to imagine anyone stepping away with such an exciting opportunity before them.

when’s the last time you were excited by Windows Phone?

Pichai would be leaving Google and all of its Googliness behind for a completely different corporate culture in Microsoft. Even from just the product side he’d move from heading up two ostensibly open-source projects in Android and Chrome to the locked-down Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox.

Perhaps a person like Pichai is what Microsoft needs to inject new life into the company. With the exception of the Xbox, few recent Microsoft products really resonate with users. When’s the last time you heard anyone get excited over using Word or Excel? And with the exception of Nokia’s excellent hardware, when’s the last time you were excited by Windows Phone?

With everything he’s learned at Google, Pichai has the potential to make Microsoft exciting again. But Android and Chrome are already interesting, with some exciting possibilities in the future.

Not to mention the fact that Google has plenty of money to offer Pichai to stay if it comes down to that again. Microsoft has deep pockets, too, so it’s hard to say what the outcome will be if the two companies start a bidding war for the executive.

With all the reports floating around, we’ll probably find out who the next Microsoft CEO is within the next few weeks. There’s only one thing we know for sure about the position: whoever takes over has a huge battle ahead of them in mobile with Android and iOS dominating the market.

Do you think it makes sense for Pichai to move take over as Microsoft CEO?

  • Ben Jowett

    Considering the Samsung and Google patent/customisation deal and Moto I wouldn’t be surprised.
    But Sundar wouldn’t? Would he???

  • Ihatehipsternerds

    What are they smoking at Redmond campus. It seems to be some good $h!t

    • DarxideGarrison

      Redwood cigarettes

  • brararsh

    He should Just do what Stephen Elop did to Nokia..

    • AA :P

      good one :)

    • Shark Bait

      Haha, What a dick he was

    • Dinosaur

      M$ deserves to go Bankrupt.



  • T.J.

    What world are you living in that someone would choose Microsoft over Google?

    • AA :P

      I too thought of the same, but for a VP to becoming the ceo of a huge company at crossroads, this is a great opportunity, no one will fault him if he screws up too – because MS is already deep mess.

      • Mystery Man

        i honestly never understand this. MS posts a record quarter yet somehow they are a deep mess? Right….

        • AA :P

          that’s a good one, I can’t really explain it to you then.

          see, their windows phone strategy, did it succeed despite having quarter after quarter of record breaking profits ? they were not supposed to end up with less than 10% marketshare. or at least – after 2 years since windows phone 7 – they should have cracked 10%.

          they took a beating with surface. same with RT. same with bing. xbox – they had to take a lot of flak, and sony got all the good coverage. so what exactly is going stellar other than their old cash cows – office/ windows.

          please do elaborate

          • Mozaik

            I love google and android , but you are too deceptive about Microsoft.

          • AA :P

            your past comments say that you don’t like google nor android from any angle. you are an apple guy according your past comments here.

            so what’s this new spin?

            Also, what’s the deception I’ve been talking about ? could you be kind to spell that out ?

          • Mozaik

            You will see , you are too deceptive to understand the truth.

          • AA :P

            Firstly, i never commented about google’s weaknesses. i was merely replying to the ground situation for microsoft.

            about missed oportunities:

            – bill gates went on record saying windows phone was a huge disaster not to have taken a good section of the market.
            – microsoft had to re-adjust windows 8-8.1
            – xbox has had many scale back from hardline position

            – they lost close to a billion dollar in their tablet line, and it was a write off for first version

            as regards google’s jinxed projects – they have so many of those – but they did not state chrome os to be a front liner, nor google tv, nor nexus q.

            xbox one has been bested by sony’s gaming unit, although they are very close to each other (but sony is already winning )
            surface pro 2 , not so sure

            windows 8.1 will sell regardless of how good it is, after some compromises, it will surely sell better than the disastrous ver8
            office is a cash cow, they dont have to do much, as stated earlier.

            the key point I had made stays as is – microsoft wanted to push hard on the consumer front because the desktop market had weakened considerably. and they wanted to replace windows with windows phone/ tablet versions. they have failed miserably there.

          • Mozaik

            You say they Failed miserably but still they are profiting more than Google. PC sales are in decline because they already powerful enough you don’t have to buy every year like tablets and smartphone(even they will decline at some point). They have not failed have you seen surface pro 2 it miles ahead of competition in looks ,specs , and win 8 ecosystem is no match , Microsoft only problem is marketing team , they cant market there product properly like recently scroogled ads or surface ads which doesn’t bring interest in people but you can see there xbox one is selling like hotcakes.

          • Shubham Singh

            Pc sales are down because casual users which used pc for stuff like facebook are relying on tablets and smartphone. and please every two to there years there are majors shift in pc market(gaming especially ) you will actually have to redo your whole rig if you want to run new game with high fps. Fact is that the cell phone industry is moving with the speed of light every six moths there are devices that can do more things and better same is not the case computing segments.

          • Mozaik

            Thats why there is windows phone and windows tablet for that , Microsoft have to execute properly and market for ex , look at xbox one demand is rising because it well made all in one system for your living room, but PC market is still there because desktop PC are used everywhere like for , animation , banking ,accounting ,also for medical advancement for photoshoping and video editing , for machinery and web designing , for designs of architecture ,automobile and video gaming and also main for servers which windows is best and its false that you have to do all redo for your gaming rig, there is a guide on net that with it you can build decent gaming system for only 350$.

          • Shubham Singh

            Most people change their devices not becuase they are slow like slow but because there are better devices that are smother and snapier. I am not talking about a decent gaming machine. ok lets talk about windows pc we all like it it is used every where but the tought that with win 8 people are going to use it with touch screen and then do the rest of stuff with mouse and keyboard this thing is stupid and will remain stupid a desktop computer be it windows or mac is better with out touchscreen people who need it for specific purpose with have it. if you are a apple user the expeirnce amongt all its devices is similar that is what win tried and did it worse i love my win7 machine and woudnt upgrade to win 8 anyday. Now lets talk about win servers :) windows server are no competion to linux based server check it out even windows is using linux server as skype super node as they are more secure.

          • Mozaik

            Lol windows azure servers is best even apple uses it for icloud and you have clearly not read article here it is the main point ” This large change was caused by the loss of 28 million Apache sites, a large gain of 26 million sites powered by Microsoft IIS”. The beauty of windows is you have got choice in everything its optimized for tablet , mouse and keyboard its upto end user how they use it.Why is windows 8 stupid , i think its fast , secure and uses less resources and battery.

          • Shubham Singh

            Yes win 8 is better than win 7 in many prospects but i along with many do not find the same ease of use which it used to be. its more flashy than functional.

          • Mozaik

            How its flashy , it has essential quality of great OS , its fast , secure and uses less resources and battery , the desktop is improved ,many business class features are added , you can direct boot to desktop if don’t like start screen , it keeps your personal data and info synchronized , internet explorer is smooth ,fast has many great features like cloud sync .what more you need.

          • Shubham Singh

            yeah sure windows pc are used everywhere and they will be used go ask the people who use win pc for carrying out their work how many are actually upgrading to win 8

          • AA :P

            “lumia 520 runs smoothly on windows phone which has 512mb ram ”
            I could easily say that the micromax canvas can match easily lumia 920 in performance for games or as a general purpose phone (except for the camera and build). why can’t microsoft produce a phone for that price with that performance ?

          • Mozaik

            Prove it. i can easily say micromax phones lag when played asphalt 8(see youtube) but on lumia 920 it flies.

          • AA :P

            like Ben Jowett said above – motoG. really good phone will beat low end lumias comfortably.

          • Mozaik

            same reply to you too:-
            which has 1gb ram and quadcore cpu great specs phone which android needs to run but still hiccups when browsing.just see mkbhd review of moto g.

          • AA :P

            you dint answer my original Q, then. why can’t MS produce a phone that can best canvas at similar price ?

            “which android needs to run but still hiccups when browsing”
            that depends whom you refer to – apple and wp freely claim all fictitious crap about android phones

          • Mozaik

            you have lumia 720 , lumia 1350 lumia 820 , lumia 625 do you want more.

          • AA :P

            720 betters a galaxy s3 ? when did it ? when were these priced similar to canvas ?

          • Mozaik

            smoothness , great camera , good design , great screen no pentile.

          • AA :P

            low res screen, crappy games selection, crappy gpu, expensive, non removable battery,

          • Mozaik

            but will get updates , will not lag , but has great battery life , screen is better than pentile though no saturated colour but has clear black display ,adreno runs asphalt 8 smoothly cant say same about s3 which has to lower graphics setting of asphalt 8 to play smoothly.

          • AA :P

            phew, do you even own a canvas ? I do. and it does NOT lag. i’ve got nova running on it, it works like a charm. great battery life. ok, the screen is poor, but at 12k the phone was a steal 7-8 months back. none of the lumia came close to it. it has a HD screen, with which you can play great games and it does not flinch. I prefer to pretend it does not have a camera except for the front cam which works very well.
            real racing works like a charm on canvas, at HD importantly.

            I presume the asphalt 8 has been “optimized” for 720 (with a few things set off – or no, I forgot it’s a much lower resolution screen, so less pixels to drive, and less details thereof )

            for a 12k phone to do this is absolutely great

          • Mozaik

            that’s the thing optimization which lumia devices have , i have used micromax and have got many performance issues , the browsing with chrome is terrible scroll lag , too much battery drain , slow charging , crappy camera performance , even whatsapp hangs for few seconds when scrolling.

          • AA :P

            earlier mmx devices were like that , perhaps. however canvas has been working like a charm. it charges normally, browsing on chrome is as good as my xperia or galaxy or other androids out there. battery has outlasted my xperia. whatsapp has been running in the background for days. i have not rebooted in weeks. everything working like a charm. my son dropped it from 4-5 feet a few times, its handled it all like a champ. occasionally it hangs these days – which i presume is from all those drops. I am amazed how rugged it is. I did not think I’d ever buy an OEM phone given its bad name earlier

          • Mozaik

            i have heard that micromax canvas phone battery exploded and got one person serious burns .but will it get android kitkat .

          • AA :P

            those are one off incidents. could happen with anyone – iphones, samsungs, plenty of cases of exploding phones – it could be due to faulty switchboard to cables to anything out there. i wouldnt fault any phone because of that. its the Li batteries responsible for that.

            frankly this falls in the FUD category.

          • Brian Shieh

            The “quad-core” you speak of isn’t super high-end. But hey, it does its job well

          • Mozaik

            but its still pretty good specs against lumia 520 which has 512mb ram and dual core but its still solid smooth and price of lumia 520 is 80$ whereas moto g cost 189$ and you know what funny part is Moto g still lags when doing browsing or day to day task on it.

          • Ben Jowett

            Moto G.

          • Mozaik

            which has 1gb ram and quadcore cpu great specs phone which android needs to run but still hiccups when browsing.

          • Shubham Singh

            yeah there are many android with low specs and older android version that will match lumia 520 in performance and windows 8 sucks so much that their own employees call it the new vista.

          • Mozaik

            prove it than

          • Shubham Singh

            i am not going to it into ‘prove it’ results prove them already lumia 520 is a good device no issue with that i recommended to a colleuge and i used lumia 720 for a while so i know how windows phone os is. I gave up my lumia because windows phone has so many limitatioms you can not open more than N tabs in your browser WTF we al loved nokia and WP is alive becuase of it ,people have bought lumia beacause of nokia not so for WP and thats the sole reason of windows buying nokia without nokia WP is dead.

          • Mozaik

            You are changing point now and i want to say one thing no OS is perfect .

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Kit Kat runs on 512 MB RAM, if you think Windows 8.1 is smooth, your out of your freaking gourd, it’s awful.

          • Mozaik

            but are there any 512mb kitkat android phones , even moto G lags when browsing and gaming.

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Kit Kat has only just been released, last year of 1 billion smartphones sold, 800 million Android. 150 million Apple, 50 million, all others combined, windows 8.1, will crash whilst playing video. Let alone asking it to do anything else, like run Chrome, or Libre Office. I have an 8 core, 32 GB RAM. I use 32 bit, because win 8.1 is so unreliable, it can only exploit 3.2 GB of RAM. The 4 core with 16 GB, 120 GB flash drive, is still virused, neither of them will run media center. My $100 3D Blue Ray player, runs 3D better than the 8 core and it Chromecasts. I was number 500 at Microsoft Virtual Academy, in Australia last year, built 200 computers, dip elect comp tech net admin spec. Win 8/8,1 is an owner builders nightmare, crashtastick crapware and I tested it for a year before it was released. I doubt I’d trust windows to use 14nm, 64 bit, UD 4k in 7″, as it uses half a 128GB flash drive for software, we need some space for movies.
            Projects Butter and Svelte (JB/KK,) were about speed, reliability and using less hardware, rather than feature creep and code bloatware. I spend 4 hours a day in Android, with Windows I would have formated and rebooted from scratch, 15 times in the last year alone. Which is why I hardly ever use it, except to configure the modem, after a quarter of a century with Microsoft, just like everyone else I am abandoning it like the Titanic. For software that is free, compact and elegant.

          • Mozaik

            who is abandoning Microsoft , your bank is using Microsoft , your government is using Microsoft , the websites are build on Microsoft , house is designed on Microsoft ,even your favroite android apps are made of microsoft you can run android apps on windows , 95% of world runs on microsoft , even google use microsoft for building programs.have you ever used win 8.1 it smooth and fast and doesnt lag like android. even android has viruses and of bloatware.

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Microsoft isn’t too bad on the back end, Server 2012, SQL, SharePoint 2013, Office 365. But the only thing they’ve done right front end is Xbox One, yes I have used Windows 8.1 and it crashed. I cut down to 1 partition, 32 bit, no office, no Chrome, don’t try to run Android on windows, it crashed. Why are there more people using Android than Windows 8/8.1, I’ll grant you some manufacturers and carriers add bloatware. But try the fabulous Nexus line, 4,5,7,7 FHD, 10, quick updates, cheap high powered hardware, no bloatware, vanilla stock Android. You have to buy win 8.1 computers, from a box company, or you’ll have horrendous problems. They need Sundar to give them some Butter and Svelte sauce, Xbox it, high on cheap powerful hardware, go low on the bloatware. They may learn something from making Office for Android and iOS, or they might just screw up again. It’s worth spending billions on compact elegant OSes. Let the hardware do it’s magic, don’t get in the way, 60 GB is too much software to go wrong. Keep it down to 5 GB, like the very successful NT 4/Office 97 tech boom era. I’m not saying Android is perfect, Froyo was crashy, then they butter and svelted it and it took the world by storm in Gingerbread. Honeycomb, ice cream sandwich, prototypey, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat after some initial glitches we Nexus guys had to put up with, fast reliable, then lower drain on the hardware. Just hope 14 nm, 64 bit, UD 4k, doesn’t kill android, in a swampy morass of bloatwarebloatwarebloatware bloatware, like 64 bit killed Microsoft’s Windows front end.

          • Mozaik

            you are now trolling dude , you know that windows is arm supported , look Microsoft doesn’t need project butter or svelte because windows phone is already smooth have you used lumia 520 its only has 512mb ram and is dual core only but does not hiccup at browsing or gaming, but if it was android it would have crashed or lagged ,try to run asphalt 8 on 512mb ram android phones and see performance yourself and you know after all this year android is still buggy and laggy latest example gta sandreas .

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Funny, I don’t remember saying Windows doesn’t run on ARM, in fact it’s better value, as you get Office 2013 free, on win 8 RT. There’s less bloatware on RT, but still too much, try running Rip Tide 2 in FHD (1080p.) With Microsoft’s prices and low hardware specs, how would you run it, Nexus 5, Adreno 330. 2 GB RAM, 32 GB flash, FHD, 4G Advanced, WiFi ac, for $450 Australian. For that price you’d get a pretty sloppy windows phone, look I’ll grant you Nokia’s cameras are pretty good. But who wants to say “For a smartphone, it makes a great camera!” What good is it without a good screen, and or juicy graphics, etc. Got to admit Tegra 4 on Surface 2 RT, is a lovely graphics processor, going cheap because no one is buying. But the reason folks are giving me all those likes, is they’ve also have bad experiences with windows. I studied most of MCSE Server 2000, ran Server 2012 for 2years, so there’s nothing more I’d like to say than Microsoft is doing a good job. But ask around win 8 is a nightmare, certainly MS is increasing the number of apps for win 8. Though with what we’ve experienced on the desktop, the idea of having it on a phone, or tablet sends shivers down our spines.

          • Mozaik

            Than why Google subsidizes nexus device , have you ever thought about it, why other company like Samsung , Sony , htc or even Motorola moto x (was at 500$ at start) do not lower prices .Because Google knows people will not buy there hardware against competition of Samsung or iPhone or Microsoft , nexus 5 has so many hardware problem that it had to improvised after a month due to complaint .people did not buy surface rt because Microsoft marketing was confusing and also due to lack of ecosystem like iPad , same can be said about nexus 10 that’s why Google sales nexus 7 at 229$ so people will buy it specially developers and improve ecosystem. asus used cheap material on nexus 7 there where so many people complaining on online because 2012 nexus 7 was getting slower and slower to the point that you had to format it .have you ever heard problems about surface rt. and there is no desktop on windows phone.

          • FindingAtlantis

            We don’t live in the 90’s anymore. Consumer products (Win 8, win phone) now represent only a small fraction of Microsoft’s revenue. The majority of their revenue comes from their enterprise/cloud division, which is valued at $20 billion (larger than entire companies like ebay). And this what Nadella runs- hence why his pick.

          • jeff

            They already gave him 50 mil to not go to twitter so I think in this case it will be where his heart is at or he will prove the saying MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.WITH HIS NET WORTH NOW HE CAN DO ALMOST ANYTHING FINANCIALLY BUt THEY WILL GIVE HIM A HIGHER TITLE WITH MONEY OR ITS BYE BYE!

          • jef

            Obviously this guy is a genius!

          • AA :P

            agreed, but windows+entertainment division still draws in something like 35-40% of the company’s revenues, thats pretty big by any standard,
            2013 Q4 revenues for windows + entertainment was 30 billion _vs_ server+business division’s 45 billion.

            nothing to sneeze at.

        • T.J.

          I can’t comment on the rest of their business but when they make more money from Android phones than they do Windows phones, it doesn’t look to good.

          • AA :P

            yeah, good point there. that’s a big fail for microsoft that their “protection money” probably drives their phone division better than regular and honest earning :P

          • Mozaik

            So much hatred towards a company.

          • AA :P

            of course, decades of FUD – hatred by microsoft towards linux. you missed that one dint you ? they setup SCO to do the job of a hitman, you missed that one too i bet.

          • Mozaik

            The year of linux ;)

          • AA :P

            stop trolling man. or acting saintly

          • Mozaik

            Joking man

          • AA :P

            actually, i dint even start off dissing microsoft, somewhere it got hijacked…. I said they missed an opportunity

        • Data

          The problem is most of that profit is from Office & Windows. PC shipments have been stagnating for years now and will likely collapse later this year. What then for MS?

        • Cao Meo

          “i honestly never understand this. MS posts a record quarter yet somehow they are a deep mess? Right….”

          Well…When the Allies invaded a small beachhead in Normandy some people still didn’t know that Germany was in “a deep mess” as they still held vast areas of Europe.

          This is similar story now with MS business empire: Windows, WP, Xbox… business are under attacks and losing the war…

        • stucrmnx120fshwf

          Those are mostly enterprise profits, in consumer goods, they’re terrible, bloatware, Xbox is their best hope. Ease up on the bloatware, let the hardware free to do its magic. Windows 8 is a sales disaster, on desktop, phone, tablet, compact, elegant is worth spending billions on. Once they were the king of reliable, intuitive, now you work for the desktop, not it works for you. They could use some projects butter and svelte, jelly bean and Kit Kat.

  • This will not happen. I’m sure he’s a good guy, but CEO? no way.

    • AA :P

      wow, how can you say that ?

  • jbox

    Someone must read the calendar wrong. It’s still Feb 1st, nowhere near April 1st.

  • Sorryifimright

    Xbox sucks tried to be too locked down just like windows phones and Windows 8

  • Cao Meo

    It will be his biggest mistake if he decides to leave, at MS talent alone means little, it’s political skills that matter (just ask Ballmer and Bill Gates) and Pichai will have to deal with all kinds of footdragging w/o reliable allies as he is totally a new guy.

    • Tay

      Please. These are both huge corporations.

      And if you’re saying Ballmer and Bill Gates have more political skills then actual talent then you’re just being ridiculous. Both these guys have done huge work for the tech industry. Show some respect.

      • Cao Meo

        You want people show respect to the guys for MS monopoly and the stagnation of the industry under Windows banner?

        You want people show respect to the guys for attacks on Linux, Android, Chrome …

        Oh Come on…

        • Andreas

          Why is it Microsoft’s fault for the ‘stagnation’? Your comment makes absolutely zero sense.

          • Cao Meo

            “Why is it Microsoft’s fault for the ‘stagnation’? Your comment makes absolutely zero sense”

            That’s only because you don’t see it, and it’s not that complicated.

            MS killed all competition, it is convicted monopolist and w/o competition the industry lost the engine for innovation.

          • number29

            Sounds like Android now in the smartphone and tablet space. It won’t be long before we see Android broken up to prevent the same monopoly in the mobile market.

          • Cao Meo

            80% can be considered monopoly I guess, but there is 1 key difference: Android is open source and any1 can do anything with it, that’s a whole world of difference from Windows.

            Of course tt’s hard to build an ecosystem that rivals Google’s but theoretically Google can’t prevent any1 from doing it.

          • AA :P

            microsoft was never broken up because of their illegal monopoly over the desktop. they still continue to FUD linux. it’s good to see retribution or payback in some form or the other.

          • I felt like you, but as a) they were forced to become better “corporate systems” since their rapacious search and destroy era and b) Ballmer the Salesman has left the company a shell of a tech leader in the meat and potato businesses of Win and Office that were its mainstay earners until only Server is left as an unchallenged standard when he missed mobile altogether, I’ve become almost a little sorry for ’em.

            And feel Google could use a counterweight at this point. Apple’s huge but still caught inside their limited little “reality distortion field,” while Amazon and Samsung lack key ecosystem pieces and chops.

            So I hope they recover some mo’…..

          • thartist

            Dude you sound like you expect MS to care and nurse competitors! It’s an industry! If they can have it all to themselves, i bet they’ll be the happiest

          • Cao Meo

            “you expect MS to care and nurse competitors”

            You don’t know the facts or you try to ignore them, there are many bad things that MS did and I can’t tell you everything…

            What I can say is MS used illegal anticompetive practices to eliminate competition and was fined hundred of millions of dollars.

            And have you heard about Netscape and how MS killed it? or how MS kept OEMs from supporting Linux?…

          • Cris

            MS did set the default browser as IE and was fined hundred of milions of dollars, but isn’t google doint tha same shit? and noone fined google yet.

            your argumets are invalid

            and about the openess of android, do some reading here:

            you’ll find things you never known about your beloved thief company

          • Chris

            You can’t blame others failed product innovation on Microsoft. Look at Apple, they where in the shadows of Microsoft for over 15 years until they finally developed the iPod and iPhone.

            Microsoft dominated because rival products where inferior – and they actually where.

          • Cao Meo

            “You can’t blame others failed product innovation on Microsoft”

            I’m not that stupid, you should learn more about MS and its practices before posting.

          • Chris

            I’m not saying there practices are clean. But I would like for you to tell me who has clean business practices these days? I think YOU need to read more about the shark industry before posting.

            Also, take a gander at Apple vs. Samsung. Over $5B in lawsuits because of what? Similar design? Rounded corners? You’re blind if you think Microsoft is guilty of this solely.

            It’s called eliminating your competition. And they did it better.


        • gommer strike

          What is this, 1999?

          Yes, MS was judged as a monopoly, and they paid the price for it. And it’s now 2014. The entire landscape has changed. MS just isn’t as relevant as it used to be. Sure people still use Windows, but what else does MS have(aside from the Enterprise, of course)?

          They’re not doing so well on the mobile side(compared against iOS/Android). What would Sundar bring to the table in such a monolithic organization, where it’s divided into hundreds of small business units which don’t trust each other?

          Anyways we’ve got Satya Nadella in the prime running for MS CEO – who’s already within the inner circle. Sundar’s got his hands full with Google…I wouldn’t leave if I was Sundar.

  • AndroidBoss

    Sundar Pichai is better off with Google.

  • DarxideGarrison

    Don’t fuck up a good thing. He should stay with Google.

  • Rad

    Let’s not put up Microsoft as a company in struggle.. Cut that’s far from the truth.

    • AA :P

      certainly not in financials or income. but in long term viability in areas of massive growth. imagine, if they had not missed the bus, they’d have been in position of android – running windows phone on 80% of the mobile phones. and suppose they’d charged $5 per phone. they would have had close to 5 billion dollars from licenses alone last year!!! add to it – cut from the apps/ books/ music/ movies. huge setback for microsoft . right now they’d have to be happy mooching off the success of android – with some “protection money”. soon, others will enter the patents game, and microsoft would gradually lose steam with their patent racket.

  • WTF.

  • Data

    I hope he “Stephen Elops” Microsoft lol

  • Bone

    Bold but brainy move, Sundar is a visionary and extremely adaptable for the smallest changes in technology, which is the key part missing from Microsoft. But with Android doing so well and the Google-Lenovo-Samsung deal potentially targeting desktop (Chrome OS), should Sundar leave the great position he’s currently in?

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      He’d have to have a lot of money, resources and freedom to turn windows around, but if he did, it’d be a huge accomplishment, turning that crashtastick, crapware around.

  • Jim

    he will not be missed…

    I think android is not so innovative for the last 1 year he is in charge…
    bye bye Sundar…

  • trwb

    Good riddance. Get this dude away from Android.

  • Jayfeather787

    No!! Keep him with google!

  • Your first two sources don’t even mention Pichai’s name. What kind of reporting is that?

  • Grman Rodriguez

    Man Pichai is in a roll! Very successful man indeed, never saw him like that until now.

  • Tito

    It’s funny to see so many kids or immature people thinking that they know more about market strategies, finances or career development than Ballmer or Pichai. It’s really funny….

  • Marcus Winchester

    Maybe he can change the Microsoft culture and make it a little more open like Google. I don’t get all the Microsoft hate on this site, I don’t think Google is much better than MSFT in most regards, they’re both huge corporations at the end of the day, I don’t get why people need to defend them.