SugarSync 2.0 now available, sports refreshing design

by: Conan HughesFebruary 15, 2013


SugarSync 2.0 is finally here! After months of tinkering in beta state, the cloud storage and file sync app has been released for public availability and shows off a major redesign that, unlike the old version, befits the modern style of the smartphone era. The developers have been working hard to accomplish such a feat without compromising the app’s power and flexibility.

Besides the visual makeover, SugarSync 2.0 has a chock-full of features:

  • Easier navigation through four main tabs: Cloud, Sharing, Activity and Search
  • Flexible sharing of files and folders as either public or private links
  • Finding files in the cloud regardless of the file location
  • Uniformity of user interface design across all platforms
  • Simplified setup and better folder management
  • Faster access to cloud data using the SugarSync Drive
  • Enhanced photo experience using the new Gallery layout

There is actually nothing to hold back from getting the new Sugarsync. Even during its beta phase, the app has proven to be a useful cloud storage tool, augmented further by its modern look. Users of other cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s Skydrive, may also want to check this great alternative, particularly when they crave for better controls in folder structure.

  • Dale Strickland-Clark

    I’m assuming the writer is not English. Why are so many Android sites written by people who can’t write?

    • MasterMuffin

      Actually, you have to be American to get a job from AA (it says that somewhere in this page, I don’t remember where), but yea, these guys often make serious typos, but it’s okay ’cause we’re only humans? Just correct everything and they’ll (maybe) change it and you’ll be happy and everyone else who spots dem mistakes :)