Study Says iOS Apps Crash more often than Android Apps

by: AlexanderFebruary 3, 2012

Ok, before this turns into an “Apple bashing” post, let’s first point out that there are a lot more software versions of iOS than Android. These are all facts, not opinions, although Android is better. Just had to throw that out there.

According to a new mobile app monitoring startup called Crittercism, iOS apps are crashing at a greater rate than your favorite Android apps. For a two month period, a whole lot of data was compiled and broken down by OS version and in some cases by app, and then into quartiles to give a better representation of the crashes. In the end, there was a clear winner well technically loser, which was iOS. If you look at the pie chart above you will see that more than half the pie chart is used by iOS versions.  Especially for the Apple fan boys that swear iOS blows Android away. Hey fan boys, numbers don’t lie!

As much as I know everyone is tired of hearing about “fragmentation”, it’s important to note that Android isn’t the only platform suffering from “fragmentation” although it is the one that suffers from it the most. Through this study Crittercism discovered that iOS has 23 different versions of their software still being used, while Android has 33. Even with the larger number of software versions for Android, their numbers for app crashes are still significantly lower.

So these numbers look pretty good, but in all honestly both platforms have apps crashing at less then 1% which is pretty darn good I say. How often do apps crash on your device? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to add which Android version you are running.

  • Kinchas

    I am a Droid X owner (which I love). Prior to that I owned a Droid OG. (which I loved). In all honesty, I have very little problem with crashing apps…or crashing anything for that matter. In the 2 and half years I have owned a Droid….I have had one reboot. All of that said, I think it is time both sides quit beating this dead horse. Recess is over. Time for you little boys to go back to the class room. And by the way…Apple…that includes giving up on these frivolous lawsuits claiming that…somehow your rectangular device with a video screen…is new and unique and able to be patented. Copyrighted maybe….not patentable.

  • AppleFUD

    I’ve always had more crashes on apple products than others. Maybe it’s due to the fact that operating systems designed to run on just about any hardware requires a lot more eyes on it and therefore bugs are found & fixed faster. The last apple product (2009 MacBook Pro) I used crashed more than Win95–I rarely have any crashed on Win7 these days, not saying I like MS at all though.

    The whole myth that apple products “just work” and/or are more stable is just that, a myth pushed by apple marketing–the reality is just the opposite.

  • Mr Sageums

    I can’t take this article seriously because of all the bad spelling mistakes.

    • Jflangerii


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  • Abc

    My opinion is that because Android is sourced from open source code (and is open source itself) there has been a longer period of time to iron out pesky bugs.

  • Fagget

    my Android does not crash often!

  • Chris Beeley

    Interesting post, but I think maybe a bar chart would have been a better graphic. The pie chart is a bit cluttered with labels.