Steve Jobs Was Scared of Android – “I’m Going to Destroy Android”

by: Will G.October 22, 2011

The man we loved to hate but secretly respected and revered – was also the man behind one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. There is no doubt that the death of Steve Jobs brought sorrow to the Apple community, as well as fans who believed that he was a modern “da Vinci”. However, the visionary seemed to have quite a dark side.

Recent reports from ZDNet indicate that Steve Jobs had an inner hatred towards the Android franchise and would do anything to destroy it. But really – was it stealing, or a new imagination that wanted to change the way of mobile thinking.

An excerpt from Walter Isaacson’s biography of the tech guru explains,

“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank [at the time … this has grown massively since], to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

Would Steve really have gone this far for an evolved product? Yes, it seems that Android OS has taken some ideas for iOS, however, Apple has also been guilty of the same practice as well. It can safely be said that both have taken elements from one another and reconstructed them in the ways they deemed best so they can more user friendly, as well as feature packed.

Simple ideas such as pinching zoom, easy contact access, and mobile web redesigning should not be fought over. Maybe Steve Jobs should have pursued iPhone clones instead of a revamped system, because it seems he had these thoughts due to the reasoning and statistics that Android would outsell his beloved product.

Check the differences as well as similarities for yourself in our VS article of “Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich vs Apple iOS 5”. Without a doubt – the memory of Steve Job’s hate towards Android will not be forgotten by Apple’s ever-ambitious legal team. What do you guys and gals think? Do you think Steve was right or wrong? Leave your comments!

Credits: Image from Zurmat

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the pain he felt was a Life Lesson for him. The movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” portrays him as being pleased with himself at pulling a fast one over the team at Xerox. Perhaps he just got an appreciation of their pain. Certainly neither Apple or Android can say they are innocent of not ‘borrowing’ features from each other.
    That being said, I think its time to move on and the current bout of legal suits are just absurd.
    It needs to be stopped otherwise there is a real danger of Steve’s greatest legacy not being an innovator but the man who started the Patent Wars.

  • AppleFUD

    If Android is stolen stolen tech then iOS/iphone is also stolen tech–stolen form Nokia/RIM/MS (winMobile), etc. . .

    Good artist copy, great artist steal–guess Steve is saying Google is now the great artist.

    No one hates a thief more than a thief ;)

    • Mac

      Dont lie men..Nokia/RIM/MS oh its do you compare it to Apple

      • SamsaraGuru

        If we lived now during the time before the civil war, Apple would have been among the folks in favor of retaining slavery as an immutable fact of life of life obviously consistent with the continued health of its bottom line.

        Given their products are made by what approximates slave labor camps where people commit suicide due to the horrible work conditions – this is not that far from a physical, actual reality.

        From a business paradigm/model standpoint they have followed along these lines too; wishing to make sure that everyone who ventures onto their plantation finds it almost impossible to escape without serving Massa Apple.

        The eyes they say are the window to the soul; look at the photos of Jobs. Do they cause you to think, “Wow, this is a nice guy?”

        Nope. We should not be at all surprised that the sentiments he spewed of wanting to destroy Android were as vehement and nasty as they were; the surprise would have been if they hadn’t been.

  • Anonymous

    he not just wrong but iWrong

    • Anonymous

      Haha.. yes! I do see where Steve he coming from pbt honestly, they are two totally different systems. Yes they have their similarities, but it is just a waste of time and money to pursue Android and Google in law.

  • Shawn

    Imagine how much further ahead of the curve ;) iPhone would be if Jobs would have spent that money on innovation. Instead created the S line of iPhones and roll the dice in court to halt Android sales.

  • Nithin

    Lol then apple want Samsung to create fucking thick tablets?these retards are not in competative mode ;pjust dieing for money.
    Stop this retarded patent wars assholes 1aplle

    • Leo

      How is apple dying for money when it has more money in its reserve than the USA does?

      • Fred

        1/ How do rich people become rich ? By being greedy and selfish.
        2/ What do rich people want ? More money.
        3/ How do they stay rich and become richer ? By being greedy and selfish.

  • Meni

    Both Apple and Google have licensed patents in order to make their mobile OS’s competitive and to even just exist. However Job’s hatred towards Android may be justified. Pre-2007 Android was a Blackberry/Palm Treo clone. It was a traditional phone OS using the basic WAP browser, fixed keyboard, and nub/scroll controller. When the iPhone, with its exhaustive new OS centered around the multi-touch concept was shown, it was an industry-changing event that had every handset manufacturer scrambling to rethink their tech model. Apple patented hundreds of its inventions to protect its then-unique take on the smartphone. Android’s wholesale copying of the fundamental principles of iOS and not paying to license those inventions is intellectual property theft. I side with Jobs on this one, and worry that Android may be sued out of existence over the next year or so.

    • Striker

      Quotes from that book say that SJ refused to sell any iPhone patents to Google. So it stands to reason that Google went ahead and violated patent law to make Android into an iPhone competitor. My guess is that Apple still needs Google for a bunch of their services (maps, search etc), so they can’t afford to sue because they’d probably sever those agreements. My guess is that Google was well aware of this and gambled on stealing Apple IP. So far it’s worked quite well for Google.

  • dr

    ios is sure a good OS for phones, although there are ppl like me who don’t want ios and rather go the Android way.

  • I don’t think it is so much about Steve thinking the tech was stolen. He felt betrayed by Larry and Sergey after feeling that he was taking them under his wing during his meetings with them. He saw them as a partner, not a competitor and felt open to show them everything Apple was up to, but not the iPhone. The first I had learned of this was reading “Into the Google Plex”. Great book, by the way. I think that feeling of betrayal is more behind his comment.

  • Wood

    This is the spoiled brat of Steve Jobs coming out. Steve has stolen lots of other ideas, gotten sued, and simply expected the other party to settle and let him license the tech. only when it came to Android did Steve not want to do what others had done for him and allow a license agreement. He didinot want to be out soled like he was with Microsoft when he thought his product was superior. Steve turned into a spoiled child.

  • Tired of hearing this BS. When I purchased a G1 back in 2008, I never felt like I had an iPhone or an iPhone clone. Last time I checked, Webkit was open source. Apple rethought Smartphone functionality, and nobody can argue that. But with the way they think, NO ONE should have mobile devices except Motorola, since they were the first. Apple has borrowed quite a bit from Android over the last couple of years, and Jobs was alive for that. Especially there “Multi-task done right” nonsense. Now they have “Shade notification” aka, pull down screen. So what ever they claim is “stolen” property, they stole as well.

  • Anonymous

    Android was already in existence ever since 2003, the iPhone did not exist till 2007, so Steve Jobs should stop bitching around that he came up with the idea first

  • Alexandre Xavier

    it looks like that guy that is winning a race but as he sees others coming closer they stop by to try to stop the other racers by any means.

  • Flamencolee

    How is it a stolen product? Was Apple developing an OS and some one came along and pilfered it. Ideas are borrowed all the time. Concepts in OS are public knowledge long before Apple was created.
    Steve Jobs lied to Steve Wozniak about the money jobs was paying Wozniak.
    Jobs is not saint. He is neither a programmer nor an engineer.

  • Daniel

    I think that he was scared becose apple have same competition now
    Android is really good came up so far