Steve Jobs returns again in new iPad Mini parody [video]

by: Kristofer WoukOctober 23, 2012

Last month, Steve Jobs returned in a parody of the iPhone 5, which some people found a little close to crossing the line, but most people just found funny. Now, Steve Jobs returns… again. This time it’s for an iPad Mini parody.

Earlier today we mentioned that the iPad Mini specs and features had finally been made official. We also now know the pricing and release date. With specs that aren’t startlingly impressive and relatively high pricing on even the lowest-tier model, it’s entirely possible that Apple may find itself struggling with the device.

For now, though, let’s forget about that and focus on the parody. The video is embedded below, and this one features a special guest rapper. And no, it isn’t MC Cook.

What do you think of the video? Do you think the iPad Mini parody is better than the parody of the iPhone 5, or not as good? Do you think the iPad Mini is going to do as well as Apple hopes it will, or will it go the way of the Newton?

  • Kassim

    Whether you are a “fandroid” or “iSheep”, that’s a pretty decent track – better than most out there right now!

    • Kristofer Wouk

      I agree. I thought the music was much catchier than the iPhone 5

  • IncCo

    So I guess this is an Apple and IOS page now.

    • Kristofer Wouk

      Android doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Whether we like it or not, what Apple does affects us. So sure, you’ll see Apple stories here from time to time, but you’ll also see Windows 8 or Firefox OS stories too.

      I can personally say that I don’t own a single piece of Apple hardware, and don’t plan to. But as I mentioned, it would be silly to act like they don’t exist. Especially when the issue at hand is a parody mainly about how the Kindle Fire did what the iPad Mini is doing quite a while ago.

      • IncCo
        • Kassim

          Why is there so much belly aching on this subject? :o

          How can you not get Apple articles on here when they are the biggest competitor we are facing?! Ever heard of the phrase ‘know your enemy’?

          You all act as if you’re forced to read the damn things too. Personally, unless they are of crucial importance to the Android cause (e.g. patent wars), I don’t read them. …is this some sort of special skill?!

          Even as one of them myself, I’ll say that this is on the worse side of Android fans – the (seemingly) infantile mentality that “well,…I don’t like him so, why do I have to play with him, Mommy?” even though you probably don’t pay any attention to them in the first place!!

          So what if it’s to get better click rates (if that’s the case)? At worst, the more eyeballs that clap eyes on these articles, the better the chance of ad revenues and therefore, more money for the site to keep going.

          I mean, for instance, have you ever entered a sports stadium/arena and found nothing else apart from the main sponsor’s logo on every single available ad space?

          I personally haven’t.

          The other ads are there because they are beneficial to the club. Period. Like it or not, this is the way of the world.

          Feel comfortable in your own damn (Android) skin and most of these articles will just not even register!! Why get worked up over nothing?!

          If having these extra Apple articles meant that we would not get the amount of Android news that we are already getting, then I will gladly join you and march down to Android Authority HQ, torches and baseball bats in hand!

          I haven’t seen this trend yet so, I’ll sharpen my pitchfork another day. I say join me.

          Seriously, it’s not the end of the world to have Apple articles littering the site, however much some of you may wish to believe it is…

  • IulianPeride


  • aholsteinson

    Hehe nice video!

  • Cool!

  • dont forget the asshole company named apple is now claiming the invention of hybrid ssd and hdd

  • I love to read news from Apple as well. I’m more angry about loosing the mobile theme… MOBILE THEME!!!!!!!!