Steve Jobs: Resurrection parodies the iPhone 5 launch [video]

by: Kristofer WoukSeptember 12, 2012

With Apple’s iPhone 5 just hours away from being unveiled, Steve Jobs: Resurrection takes a look at what would surely be a much more interesting event. With lines like “we switched the dock up arbitrarily, so I hope you like buying new accessories,” this parody is bound to hit fairly close to home for some.

Please note that while this video is meant to be all in good fun, it could be considered offensive to some, and it is probably not the safest video for viewing at work.

What do you think? Is the video crossing the line, or is it just close enough to make it an effective parody? What’s your favorite moment of the video?

  • MasterMuffin

    so true and so funny :D

  • vignes

    hw awesome..

  • lotrgsnAA

    awesome video!! m/

  • Phillip

    I agree. True and funny.

  • Most effective parody to date. Puts all the simpering idiots in the tech press to shame.

    But wake up, fools. You are living in a world where mobile technology works and looks the way it does because of Apple. Not Dell, not Microsoft, not Nokia, not RIM, not Samsung. Apple. They defined the elements of the desktop metaphor, and now they have defined the multitouch UI metaphor. And who knows, maybe they will be the ones to make the next leap forward as well.