Get a Windows Phone, says Steve

by: J. Angelo RacomaNovember 1, 2012

Here’s to the crazy ones, indeed! Reminiscent of how an iconic ex-CEO once attempted to voice-over an advertisement for his company’s product, Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8 ad screams of self-promotion. But this is a different Steve, altogether — someone who does not exactly generate a Reality Distortion Field like the late Steve Jobs. Microsoft’s own Steve Ballmer has narrated Redmond’s latest Windows Phone 8 ad, with highlight on the personal touch.

Steve talks about taking advice from all sorts of folks, from his wife, to his Microsoft colleagues, and even Bill Gates himself. But Ballmer’s own advice: get a Windows Phone.

The ad puts a highlight on communication as a central part of Windows Phone 8 (hey, it’s a phone, after all!). This includes the live tiles on the home screen showing messages and the number of Skype calls and emails.

The ad is pretty straightforward, and does not have any allusions to how groundbreaking their platform is (like Apple’s Think Different ads). Apple eventually went for another voice-over in their “crazy ones” ads, a spot that eventually went to Richard Dreyfuss. Will Microsoft eventually hire other voiceover actors, too?

Check out the video ad below.