Fans of the Star Wars universe will be happy to know that a new Star Wars game has now been announced for Android today. Star Wars: Assault Team is a turn-based combat game with “strategy and card-battle elements”. The game is expected to have a limited rollout to select international markets with a wider release slated for sometime in the spring.

Although Disney Interactive is pretty vague on the details here, we imagine that this game is at least somewhat similar to Star Wars Force Collection. Disney does mention that you will be collecting ‘classic characters from the Rebel Alliance’ to defeat enemies across the galaxy, completing graphically enhanced missions set on planets and locations from the original trilogy. From the sounds of it, Assault Team may also have some kind of multiplayer component.

Though Disney doesn’t specifically state that this is a freemium title, it’s pretty likely that this is the case. That means you can expect to shell out extra cash to collect as many characters (virtual trading cards really) as possible. For now that’s all we know, though we’ll be sure to update when we learn when and where the soft launch of the game will occur. 

What do you think based on the few details we know so far, intrigued or not?

Andrew Grush
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