Star, Nova And Planet From Pandigital Are Set To Complete Your Android Universe

by: Aerol BibatAugust 5, 2011
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Here’s some good news for those looking for dependable and cheap Android tablets. Pandigital has just confirmed that they will be releasing three new tablets this month. They are the Pandigital Planet, Pandigital Nova and Pandigital Star and the price tag for them will start at $159. A fourth tablet is in the works and will be released next month.

So what exactly will you be getting if you pick up any of these tablets? First of all, they’re all 7-inch slates with full touchscreen capabilities. These tablets run on a decent enough CPU that you will be able to handle most of what you need to do on a tablet like Internet browsing, video playing and other activities. Currently, the Planet and Star come with Android 2.2 and the Nova comes with Android 2.3 – future upgrades are supposed to be possible. Additional software is also pre-loaded into the device, like Barnes & Noble’s eStore, which gives access to tons of content, and GetJar, which is supposed to be the substitute for the Android Market. There’s also the software suite that handles browsing, e-mail, and media playing.

Additional features include 2GB of storage for the Planet and Star, and 4GB for the Nova. This can be upgraded to 32GB with memory cards for added storage. There’s also the USB ports and WiFi for connectivity access. Two cameras round out the added specs. All of this is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery and get up to 6 hours of use depending on power consumption.

So right now, all these tablets should be available at every retailer in the US within the month. The Pandigital Planet and Nova have an MSRP of $189, while the Star is the cheapest at $159 MSRP.

Source: Engadget

  • Gustyfoo

    So no android market?

  • angele jean paul

    do you carry samsung omnia witu gsm unlock quadband aka smartphone pda authentic?

  • guest

    @gustyfoo If you root it you can get android market