Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 finally hit stores

by: Bams SadewoJuly 2, 2012

Those who have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Sprint are already enjoying the plethora of new features on their phones, which is probably true for both the 16GB and 32GB models. As for folks who are still on the fence and need to read more reviews before making up their mind, it was last reported that Sprint will have their stores stocked up with the Galaxy S3 by July 1st. Guess what? It looks like the carrier has delivered on its words.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 can now be purchased on Sprint’s website and from other sales channels. The 16GB model will set you back $199.99, while the 32GB model can be had for $249.99. It goes without saying that they come with a 2-year contract. Also, the latter apparently won’t be available in retail stores right away.

There’s a good thing if you didn’t jump the gun, because Sprint has just rolled out a software update for its Galaxy S3. It’s not Jelly Bean, but rather a security update that will apparently also enable Google Wallet on the phone. Of course, those who are looking for some jelly can already get the latest OS through unofficial means.

Now that you’ve had weeks to weigh your decision, will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint?

  • NeedName

    Samsung really needs to get their US launches straightened out — release in US first, as ‘the patent trolling fruit company’ will always move to block anything Sammy does, make announcement and have them available in stores that same day. . . by the butt ton!

    At the current rate I’m sure
    ‘the patent trolling fruit company’ will have an injunction hearing before its favorite judge, judge Koh, in no time. . . you we all know she will give ‘the patent trolling fruit company’ whatever it wants.

  • miguel

    There are no pebble blue samsung galaxy s3 at BestBuy for sprint