Sprint’s Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 back-to-school BOGO promo begins today

by: Kyle WiggersJuly 26, 2013

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Oh, Sprint. Though your network throughput is lacking and some of your bloatware is downright invasive, you’re still the underdog we secretly love to cheer on. With an infusion of cash, a mixed but promising Q2, and revamped unlimited plans, you’re looking better than you have in a long time. Of course, promos like the one you launched today can’t hurt: a buy one, get one free deal for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3. Attaboy, Sprint!

The Sprint variant of the Galaxy S4 retails for $199.99, and $99.99 will net you the Now Network S3. The promotion, then, has the potential to save you a cool $200, which is never a bad thing. And you can’t go wrong with the phones: despite what some say, they’re undeniably solid devices. The Galaxy S4, launched in April of this year on Sprint, is a quad-core beast with more than enough processing power to run many apps with ease. Despite the Galaxy S3’s age, it, too, has impressive hardware that bests a number of mid-range and high-end devices released this year. If you’re looking to buy a phone for yourself and family, you could do worse.

Needless to say, only existing subscribers able to upgrade and new lines are eligible for the promotion. Currently, the Galaxy S4 is available in white and black (purple’s coming soon), while the S3 comes in white, blue, and purple. No word on how long the BOGO sale will last, so if you’re interested, you might want to take advantage while you still can.

  • Omar

    So I’m not getting this. If I have a upgrade eligibility, can I get the s4 and another one? After I get the other one, can I give it to a friend with a sprint 2 year contract?

    • Hope Kelly

      no. they’ve tailored this deal to persons with TWO qualifying lines (meaning you have to be opening a new account with two lines OR have 2 upgrades on your account) OR, you can upgrade 1 qualifying line and add a NEW line for the 2nd phone (but, bear in mind this new line would be under a 2yr contract).

  • Guest

    So if I use my upgrade up, how will the second phone be used? Can I give it to someone with a current 2 year sprint contract?

    • Kyle Wiggers

      If that person is eligible for an upgrade, yes. Otherwise, a 2-year contract is required.

      • So if the second person is NOT currently eligible for the upgrade, they cannot get the phone? I would have thought this would allow that person to just sign a new 2 year agreement, regardless of their current contract status.
        That sucks you have to have TWO people eligible for an upgrade to use this deal.