Sprint’s 4G LTE now available in San Francisco

by: Bams SadewoFebruary 18, 2013

Sprint 4G LTE

Getting tired of not being able to put your LTE-equipped device to the test? It must be quite frustrating for Sprint subscribers to see the carrier leaving out some big markets from its recent LTE rollouts. But for those who live in San Francisco, it looks like the 4G LTE wait is over.

As reported by the folks over at Engadget, San Francisco has finally been graced with Sprint’s LTE network presence — one that reaches a maximum download speed of 16.7Mbps and 9.4Mbps up, according to their testing.

To be more specific, the LTE switch has apparently been turned on in the Potrero Hill and South of Market neighborhoods, while those in the Mission District will have to look at their neighbors with envy for now.

Folks who reside in the San Francisco Bay Area have been enjoying Sprint’s LTE since August of last year, but the country’s third-largest carrier promised back in October that it’d be bringing 4G LTE to SF soon. It might have taken them four months, but at least it’s finally arrived.

So, are you seeing those 4G LTE signals yet in your place? Hit the comments below.

  • Kanye west

    See it in coral springs but its weak EVO 4G LTE

  • Yurma415

    I’ve been picking up lte in sf for a few months now (albeit, spotty lte). Coverage has really expanded in the city the last few weeks though). Keep up the improvements sprint

  • Rob

    Also got LTE in Orange County Calif

    • Where in the OC?

      • john

        Check out sensorly.com. Looks like around the 91 and 55 fwy, and the 91 and 5, and around beach blvd. Theres also a tiny spec by laguna Niguel as well.

  • Quryous

    Here in Baton Rouge, LA, a few Sprint 4G LTE spots are being noticed, but very few. Looks like they are updating during regular maintenance of failed equipment, more than anything else. Very spotty.

    Also, it isn’t very fast even when you do happen to locate one of those rare spots. Good thing I don’t really NEED so called 4G LTE. I didn’t buy my phone through Sprint for that, anyway. What I wanted was unlimited data (which almost never needs super speed), at a more reasonable price. I got it and am happy.

  • Ryan Browne

    I get it a little in Indianapolis east side