sprint changes tos

Good news for fans of mobile hotspots today, as Sprint has announced their first triple band LTE devices will start shipping soon. These devices will take advantage of the 800MHz spectrum Sprint is no longer using, which was originally dedicated for their Nextel push-to-talk devices.

That 800MHz frequency will give hotspot users a lot of versatility, as the lower frequency is better at penetrating structures like office buildings. It usually has a wider coverage area, also, meaning the chances of losing your signal greatly reduce. Lower frequency means a less potent signal, but coverage is much more concerning than speed, and the triple band devices will give greater versatility to users.

This is a great use of a retired frequency, and Sprint has some great opportunity to build out an impressive LTE network using it. The tri band devices will have the ability to work on the aforementioned spectrum, Sprint’s 1900MHz frequency, as well as their 2.5GHZ holdings.

After being announced back in May, Sprint says all three devices (two hotspots, one dongle) will ship out on July 19th. If you’re not a fan of hotspots, prefering to tether instead, Sprint says phones with their triple-band LTE will be available “by the end of the year.” These devices will range from $19.99 (dongle) to $49.99 (hotspots) after a subsidized two-year commitment.

  • IHaveNOmoney

    When will Smartphones be made to take advantage of this?

    • phathands

      Please refer to the last paragraph of the article.

  • toysrus

    I don’t get it? so are they saying we need dongles on their mobile devices to receive these bands? any which case I hope the note 3 will be able to support these bands.

  • Cal Rankin

    Can’t wait for tri-band LTE phones. Hopefully the next Galaxy S or new hot device (maybe if Sprint talks Google into another Nexus?) with three bands of LTE.