Sprint starts shipping 32 GB Galaxy S3 pre-orders, expect to get the phone by Friday!

by: AdrianJune 27, 2012
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It might have taken Samsung more time than anyone expected, but the Galaxy S3 is finally out there and the “overwhelming demand and limited supply” issues that tormented a lot of tech geeks this past week are vanishing one by one.

Sprint, who announced that it will start shipping the S3 on June 21 a few weeks back, only managed to get a limited number of 16 GB models of the new flagship phone out on the promised date. However, 32 GB versions of the S3 are now finally exiting the carrier’s warehouses and being shipped across the States to people who’ve pre-ordered the phone these past weeks.

The information has been confirmed by Sprint officials and the first batches of the 32 GB S3 model should already be on their way towards you. The carrier didn’t mention anything on how long shipping should take, but based on last week’s events you should get your spanking new phones in between 24 and 48 hours from the announcement’s publishing date (June 26).

If you’re dying to know exactly what your order’s status is, you can go over to sprint.com/myorder and see if there’s a UPS tracking number for your S3 and when the delivery is scheduled to take place. However, if by any chance your particular order still doesn’t have any info attached, you shouldn’t panic, as there’s a good chance you’ll be getting your new phone at your doorstep by Friday, at the latest.

The Sprint Community forum thread where the announcement was made yesterday has been simply flooded with comments these past hours and, while there are still a few disgruntled users here and there, the general feedback is positive, with most people expressing their optimism on getting their pre-ordered S3 today or tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know exactly when we should expect S3 units to hit Sprint stores across the US, or when will we be seeing Samsung’s new flagship phone listed as available on the carrier’s official website. Earlier rumors stated that both events should happen by the end of the month (which is also the end of the week), but we’re starting to get the feeling that those predictions were terribly optimistic.

Just as a refresher, you should know that AT&T and T-Mobile are still experiencing their own supply issues, so, all in all, even though there’s a small ray of sunshine coming from Sprint today, Samsung’s problems with the US S3 demand are far from nearing a happy ending.

Don’t hesitate to hit us with a comment below if you’re one of Sprint’s customers waiting to get your 32 GB S3 and tell us what’s the status of your order! Also, tell us if you’re  happy with Sammy and Sprint’s efforts to get out of the supply and demand pickle they’ve gotten themselves into?


  • GregSki86

    Good to know, while us Verizon customers have to wait another god damn 2 weeks to get the phone that every other carrier already has available. I swear to christ does verizon voluntarily fuck their customers over like this or are they just too stupid to pick a appropriate release date?

    • bababoooey

      Serves you right for even using verizon in the first place.

    • TommyNYC

      I hear you.. same boat here.
      Main reason why we have to wait 2 extra weeks is for Verizon to finish loading all their crapware on the phone… etc etc.
      On a serious note, I spoke to 4 reps and asked about the delay, 3 of them didn’t even know the phone had a shipping date, 1 confirmed that it’s a supply issue.
      @8cf4541d1d7f05a4a775460c0c616194:disqus I use Verizon as well, not because i want too but because they are the only solid provider for me, while sprint is second best.
      If sprint (or any other provider) offered a better service in terms of cell service, i’d dump verizon without a second thought.

  • thatzlife

    Samsung are idiots. Why is America the last place to get the phones? Europe, Australia, New Zealand…everyone has it but us? What the hell?! And we’re just now sending out PRE ORDERS? Thats sad they are not in the stores yet.

    • TommyNYC

      Samsung isn’t the problem my friend, it’s our “wonderful” providers and their lack of ability (or desire) to bring new devices to the US.
      Fact is that Europe has almost double the devices we have here.

  • TobyLarue

    Sprints website now has July 1 as the release date in stores.