Sprint Says: HTC EVO 3D to get OTA Update Today

by: AlexanderJanuary 12, 2012
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Sprint has posted that the HTC EVO 3D version 2.17.651.5 update should start rolling out today.  It’s a minor maintenance release that addresses the following:

  • Updated Peep client (to align with Twitter)
  • Battery life improvements
  • Security update

I know you guys with the HTC EVO 3D are dissappointed you aren’t getting Ice Cream Sandwich yet. Yes, HTC did say they’d start rolling out ICS updates for their phones in January, but you know how updates are in the Android world unless you have a Nexus. Now back to the HTC EVO 3D and it’s newest maintenance release from Sprint and HTC.

The OTA should start rolling out to devices today, but you can manually force the update check by tapping Menu > Settings > System updates > HTC software update > Check now. Once you get the update let us know in the comments how well it’s working out for you.

  • Eschuh2004

    No update for me

  • No update for me yet, either

  • Donuts99

    I got the update a week ago and no battery improvments

    • Nl324103

      Different update. Go to HTC software updates and check. This one just became available. It’s like a new phone.

  • Emontijo

    I got a social networking update a week ago, and this new update this morning. Hopefully we will see a difference.

  • Roberrob78

    sprint is a joke and they are always last in line.

  • suptrucker

    oh i got the update the system runs so slow and the battery life is cut in half in the garbage it goes sprint says htc did it and htc says sprint did it as they r pointing at each other im out a phone what a mistake back to boost