Good things come to those who wait (for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint). If you can’t bear the thought of parting ways with $200 from your bank account, if you can get the phone from Sprint’s stores that is, there are some good deals on the web for Sprint’s Galaxy S3. We’ve listed the best of them below.

Starting with Amazon Wireless, the online retailer is offering the 16GB Pebble Blue model of the Galaxy S3 for a mere $179.99. The deal seems to be valid for both new customers and those who are looking for an upgrade. Be warned though, that the phone is now listed as “backordered” on the site. As for the off-contract price of the phone, it’s going for $589.99.

Wirefly is also offering the 16GB Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 for the same $179.99 price, which is valid for new customers and upgraders. They’ll throw in a free 16GB memory card as well. The phone is currently in stock there, but it’s better to make that decision soon.

The cheapest deal available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is coming from Radio Shack Wireless. The same 16GB Pebble Blue model can be yours for $149.99 for new and upgrading accounts. Coupled with a free $10 Google Wallet credit and free next day shipping, it’s a too sweet of a deal to miss.

Got your credit card ready?

Bams Sadewo
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  • Roberto A. Viguilla

    Got my Pebble Blue at Sam’s Club for $175 with $40 to be credited back after a few cycles and my Metallic White from Best Buy at $200 with a $50 gift check. Sam’s Club also has the best protection plan.

    • Bubbly bubble

      sams clubs protection plan sucks compared to best buys. Best buy might be more money but its worth it when they just swap it out for you.

      • Tsmorg1977

        Best buys black tie sucks. Just got screwed by them on my evo 4g. I prepaid for the whole two years when I bought the phone and when it broke all they did was send me a refurbished evo 4g and no battery. I will never buy the black tie again.

  • applesux

    Um, the shack has the handset for 149.. plus, if u got a decent phone now u can trade that in for even more credit. Best buy is a joke and if u don’t wanna wait for shipping, go to ur local radio shack and pick this dam sweet phone up….. Getting my Verizon white s3 tomorrow at the shack…

    • tohondero23

      Yes it’s true but the shack doesn’t offer a protection plan. For me that was a deal breaker. And the extra 16 gig sd is a sweet deal. 250 for the year protection, phone and sd. I don’t treat my phones like crap but shit does happen. Just my 2cents. Oh and Google wallet still ain’t working on mine.

    • WhiteSucks

      Eww…white is ugly as hell

  • judith

    can sprint phones works her in philippines?